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Oct 22 2013, 11:01 AM
Oct 22 2013, 10:50 AM
I just wish that before the 50th Days gets a new writing team...just saying
I'm hoping it's a lot more than just the 50th anniversay coming up. I hope Lucas getting more time and John coming back is because they finally realized that the shows they're putting out now aren't doing a thing to raise the ratings and that it's time to change things up.
I wish that was the case, but I don't think it is....the fact that Lucas does the custody thing for the sole reason of creating some ejami angst, and Drake is likely returning just so John can cope with Brady going off the rails and drugging and drinking himself to death is likely what will happen. I don't trust these writers to give anything worthwhile to either character/actor....I would rather see Lucas in a romance outside the duo of suck and mixing it up in business with Kate....and although I don't mind it as much what might be happening with John because it absolutely makes sense, I would much rather see John go up against Stefano for his fortune. while Stefano tries to lure Marlena away...than have Ej or Ejami being painted as Stefano's victim....but since all these stories MUST center around Sami and Dan in some way...we'll get nothing good on the show. John will likely fall as Dan's next patient...while Lucas is being shown as the shouty, bitter, ex who just had to piss on Ejami's happy life.....I'm all for passing on both, except I want to support the actors....this is one time I wish they'd gotten a gig on another show.
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