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Oct 22 2013, 11:51 AM
The current writing team doesn't know who to juggle/maintain multiple storylines well. Back in the day, DAYS was able to sustain multiple storylines of interest and utilize more characters. Now, we get one slow storyline at a time....big snooze.
Yep! There was always a story pyramid for the show under successful head writers:

There was the A story and it was front and center. It was usually an umbrella story that would tie in several main characters, but center around a selected few.

There was a B story, that was going on, or just starting, as the A story was ramping up. Once the A story climaxed, the B story sucked characters in and gained momentum, so the viewer was automatically drawn into drama unfolding.

Then the C story served as a backdrop that would climax between the A an B climax, so the drama didn't stop, The C story did not have to contain a lot of "main characters", but if well written could uncover a new star of the show and ratings boost.

The show would revolve like an engine, and it felt like each set of couples or characters would be featured in an A story, they just had to wait their turn and it would happen. Also, the B story could and would evolve into the A story, and spread through the canvas.

It's so easy to see, so why don't we see it? Do soap writers need to take some courses on writing before taking on a show in this genre.
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