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Oct 22 2013, 08:01 PM
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No Carlivati, please. But I would not be sad to see TomSell go.
I know it'll probably never happen in a million years but I'd love to see Thom Racina come back (I'd ultimately love to see Sheri come back but she seems content with what she's doing now so I'd settle for Thom) .... is it really that hard to find good writers who know how to write compelling character driven storylines?? I am beyond sick of the character assassinations and ridiculous plot driven storylines
I think a headwriting team of Thom Racina and Lorraine Broderick would be fabulous. Or even him and Carolyn Culliton. Or Carolyn and Lorraine like Matt suggested with Richard C as breakdown writer. Those combinations do have the potential to be great writing teams imo.
Well, Days needs something and someone else, cause Tomsell isn't getting the job done. We need some characters that are actually written in character and some character driven stories, which I thought either Meng or KC told us we would be getting. Of course, they also told us we would be getting midwestern family values ( I guess drugging and raping a priest doesn't quite fit that mold, huh? ), the bad guys would pay, and there would be romance. I haven't seen any of those things. :frustration:
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