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Billy/Chloe: They deal with Delia's death in different ways. Chloe grows closer to Kevin while Billy pulls away from his loved ones. Billy attends a support group and finds help from someone there.

LMAO...didn't they just previously claim that Chloe pulls away from Kevin? Fuck. Why are they STILL trying to push Chlovin? Do the writers think this is some kind of challenge and who can make Chlovin popular wins? Here's a hint to the writers: viewers hate the couple and you can add all the gimmicky shit you want and it won't make a difference.

Billy going to a support group sounds lame and I can't see him "pulling" away from Victoria. Will his head be out of her azz for a week? Sure, but he will go right back to holding that purse in a second.

Another note to writers: viewers hate Dylan! Who gives a shit about him bonding with Nikki? Why is Stitch still on the show (I like him better, but still).

Oh fuck....Carmine is no Sheila so cut this crap. I'm so tired of Lauren being attacked. Its the same shit.


What's with all this "past" references in the storylines?
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