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:sleep: on most of these. Nick vs Dylan is just boring and making them half brothers won't change that. I still don't care about tragic Dylan despite him being Nikki's insta-son.

The Baldwins being trapped in Carmine hell is beyond played out. They took an affair that dull Likey needed imo and just effed it up completely and now there's no end in sight to this madness.

Chloe grows closer to Kevin aka Chlovin drags on some more. When EH said yesterday that she wished Chloe would go off the deep end, I said yup me too. But oh no, lets keep her stuck in this dull, chemistry free pairing. :shame:

I just can't get into these young couples. Abby and Tyler are blah. I don't buy their insta-love. Hell we never saw them even date much. Noah and Courtney are not working for me chemistry wise. And why is a Newman heir stuck playing some supporting role to these newbie girlfriends with secrets? Stupid.

The only thing that made me okay with Summer is her being Jack's kid but now that we know she isn't, blah whatever to her little modeling career. And Kyle is getting a major story? Lord, I just can't with this actor.
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