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The evidence doesn't have to prove she's guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Eric isn't sending Nicole to prison. He's drawing a conclusion about something that's likely to have happened.

Maybe if Nicole had sat down with Eric and helped him work through what happened, like he asked her to, they could have found out that Kristen checked in while Nicole was still in Salem. And this is something that happened to Eric. It's okay for him to keep some details about what happened to himself, while still expecting everyone else to tell him what they know about the event that, at that point, only affected him.

And Eric obviously did believe that Nicole changed. He's been her biggest supporter until he was given reason not to be.
What reasons has SHE given him? Evasiveness? Quitting her job? Not answering his incessant questions? (Which by the way came out of the blue since whenever she wanted to talk about it he brushed HER off.) What did he expect from her? Who could blame her for backing away from him? He's been cold and distant with her, unwilling to talk about the incident, then all of a sudden he's cornering her with questions every time she turns around.Her only crime is listening to a stupid old priest and admitting to Brady that she loves Eric. The whole thing is just stupid. That said, I am excited to see Kristen get what's coming to her, and if she doesn't... Grrr.
Yes, that is her only crime. Nobody is claiming Nicole is actually guilty of doing something terrible in this story.
Fr. Eric Brady is.
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