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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Look, Chlovin wasn't funny then and they're not funny now. The sex appeal is nonexistent. Kevin should just go away or find a gay lover. I mean, he's obviously gay and there's no hiding that, so explore that, that could work, but for the love of my mother, don't let him kiss on Chloe. It's like watching a brother and sister kiss -- awkward and disturbing.

I love the Chadam stuff, but Adam is going to have a hard time being happy with all that guilt. This could end very badly when it all comes out.

Sharon and Nick. I'm not hating it. I still hold a special place in my heart for them. But with the obvious looming diaster ahead of them when Nick finds outs what Sharon did, it's like knowing the ending to the story ahead of time so you can't really enjoy the book. I did enjoy their scenes when Sharon almost admitted what she had done, but we need to lose Cassie and Sharon needs to get a reboot, starting with a new hairstyle. I've loved her hair forever, but that's the point, it's been forever. She's due for a change, even if it's just bangs or some layers. If they invest in Shick, they need to invest in redeeming Sharon to viewers in every way possible. Figure it out, writers. I still believe in these two.

Abby -- don't give a shit
Whoever she's dating -- give less of a shit

Hilary -- She's irrelevant

Lauren/Michael -- Over it.

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