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Serenity 808

Oct 23 2013, 10:22 AM
I have to say that as of late, Ari Zucker and Melissa Reeves have been killing it. Praise for AZ on the board is nothing new, and her performance yesterday was so spot-on. But given the residual bad feelings towards MR (Chik-fil-a, Dannifer, etc.), I think you're less likely to see credit given where it is due. And right now I think that MR is playing the frustrated/angry/helpless mother role perfectly. It's the first time that Jennifer has felt alive for me, as a character, in a long time. Perhaps it's because it's not a Dannifer-centered story, but instead a Deveraux family story. Whatever the reason, she's been killing the last few episodes.

Kudos to other performers as well: Jen Lilley, Meredith Scott Lynn, Greg Vaughan, and Eric Martsolf. Some really great acting all around, even if the writing is uneven.
Agreed 100%. Arianne, Meredith, and Greg being good goes without saying, but I'd have to say Melissa has really upped her game ever since the storyline where Nicole and Jennifer were fighting over Daniel. Prior to that it didn't seem like she was even trying, but she's selling me on Jennifer's feelings.
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