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Oct 23 2013, 09:43 PM
Oct 23 2013, 09:49 AM
Nicole's "I love Eric" to Brady and "I love you" to Eric were such classic soapy moments. But there was a lot of ugly in that fight. I actually normally don't have issues with ugly fights between couples (my fav's, Shane and Kim, had doozies), but I think part of the problem is that we haven't seen Eric reciprocating Nicole's love, so I don't feel like his anger comes from that place of betrayed pain and hurt that makes those kind of fights work for me.

So much this! It wasn't dramatic - it didn't have emotional stakes for me - because Eric doesn't have a dog in the fight. I mean, sure he's upset about getting raped, and he considers Nicole a friend, but for anyone who thinks this is great drama, imagine how much more, how much better, this all would be if we'd seen Eric wrestling with his feelings for Nicole! If we'd seen him imagining a life with her and wanting to be with her, but choosing to honor his vows. How much more devastating this would be if we had onscreen evidence that Eric is IN love with Nicole (not just that he cares about her). They've made this all one sided. Nicole is the one who feels total devastation because of his accusation because we've seen how much she loves Eric. It just isn't going both ways, which it needs to do in order to make it something the audience can truly invest in. It's like it waters down all of Eric's reactions.
but who says we aren't going to see that struggle from Eric NOW? I like the fact that Eric was so steadfast in his devotion to his priesthood, so in a way I didn't want to see him imaginging a life with Nicole while he was devoted to the priesthood, his vows and what he set out to do. At first when I heard he was going to come in as a priest I wanted the classic thornbirds thing for them....both wanting and longing for one another. It was refreshing to have a triangle that wasn't about 2 people being screwed by an interloper. He's not a bad person, he doesn't really make bad decisions...and when he devotes himself to something he usually sticks to it. So i liked the fact that he didn't deviate a minute away from being a priest. What this turn of events does is give Eric the ONE reason he needs to start questioning and struggling with his priesthood...because of course loving someone would have done it...but it would have also shown that Eric isn't truly capable fo committing to anything if tempted and that is not what I want for Nicole. So I like this angle in this story.....and I'm not so sure we aren't going to see everything you said we'd see in your post. We'll see it, NOW...and it fits...NOW he knows that she loves him, NOW he has reason to doubt what he set out to do, NOW he can struggle with letting his feelings come out while questioning what he's doing as a priest and how he could judge Nicole so much, while claiming to KNOW her. We are going to see the tables turn, the coin flip and everything we've wanted from Eric we'll be getting soon, while Nicole puts up the walls around her to protect her heart from more pain, Eric will finally have reason to tear his down...I just hope it doesn't take another year until we get them finally giving in to their love...and if it does...fine...I've often thought that the minute the couple I want gets together, they lose that little something something that kept me drawn eternally to them...it's happened with every couple I've ever shipped...and I want to enjoy Ericole as much as I can, lol.
Well, LL, I've finally seen the light with these two. lol I do hope it takes a year because the entertainment factor lies in the journey. I just hope it's done with all the right beats. This could really be a very good story.
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