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I don't like that Nicole is going to get blamed for raping Eric, but she is the one who helped him reach that conclusion. She acted so secretive and guilty when he tried to find out what happened at the hotel, that she has to share in the blame for Eric reaching the wrong conclusion. And he knows she's crazy, so it's not hard to believe that he'd think she did something crazy.

In what way is Nicole crazy? And as for the secrecy and guilt, she was obeying Father Matt's request not to discuss the hotel incident with him, and it was a lame request and certainly not dramatic enough to drive this whole story. Father Matt would have been more believable telling her you and Eric go back a long time, perhaps you could draw him out and help him get closer to the truth.
I'm not going to list every crime Nicole ever committed, but that's how she's crazy. I know why Nicole started to act suspicious around Eric, but he doesn't know that. She took some really bad advice and when the truth comes out, I'm sure Eric is going to be very remorseful, but it would be ridiculous for her to act like her own actions didn't play a role in Eric thinking that she harmed him. He's not the bad guy in this and he's not being a bad friend to be suspicious of someone who acted guilty and who is known for doing terrible things.
I don't have a problem with Nicole being a crazy bitch, the reason I like the character so much is because of who she is...what I have a problem with is Eric judging her over the likes of Sami, or Kristen who've done FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR worse, or at the very least the same shit Nicole has done. I know it's plot point but it really shouldn't have been lathered on so thick....lol....he agrees to marry Kristen after knowing and proving all she's capable of doing.....but somehow he jumps to all these conclusions, our of coincidences.....not proof of anything. I'll take it because it's the story to Eric's realization that he's not cut for the priesthood.
Exactly, and for this exact same reason I cannot stand to hear the bashing of Kristen over Nicole and Sami. Because, let's face it, there's no really no room for hypocrisy there.
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