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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 24 2013, 08:00 AM
Oct 24 2013, 07:54 AM
There is only two possibilities on the major character here: It's either Bo or Kristen....IMHO I think it's Kristen....because it leads to murder mystery...the list of those who could possibly off her could be mounting. We have Marlena, Nicole, Eric, Brady, heck you can even toss in Sami, because Eric is her brother and Ej because having Kristen around may possibly jeopardize his chances with Samantherrrrr. So who knows....

However, I would much prefer that Kristen just fall off the face of the earth and we have no murder mystery surrounding her death, if anything I'd like it to be established that a badly charred body with Bo's identification documents on him was found....this leads to what hopefully is Hope's story...

Brady is so going to hit drugs again....here comes yet ANOTHER drug story on this show....and a long one it seems....

Sami suspecting Ej of keeping something from her is nothing new....it's the same old thing for these two idiots....I wonder if he somehow finds out right before the Bristen wedding fiasco what Kristen did and doesn't tell Sami. Then they both show up at the wedding as if nothing is happening, only to see Sami be shocked and horrified at what Kristen was capable of doing to her brother. You see this would be a semi good reveal if Sami realizes that she did the same thing to Austin, so what will be her hypocritical bullshit is going to grate on my nerves....actually Nicole standing up there and calling Kristen every name in the book fits, Sami spewing her sanctimonious bullshit doesn't....I really hope that if Sami starts off, Kristen or Nicole tell her to shut the hell up that she's no different than Kristen....
Hmm there's a spoiler for the week of the 4th that someone learns the truth, what if it is EJ? It would be in character for him to keep the truth from Sami. He knew about Kristen hiring the muggers who attacked Brady but said nothing to Sami then. It wouldn't surprise me if he kept mouth shut now. EJ will never be 100% honest with Sami. It also would be in character for him to cover-up Kristen's disappearance / fake her death.
I could see Kristen framing Nicole for her death.....while she's shown on a plane leaving Salem or something....lol

and yeah...who else would keep Kristen's secret? Surely not anyone we know but Ej...it's obvious that someone finds out but doesn't say anything because the wedding still starts
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