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November Sweeps 2013

"November sweeps will see lives and loves turned upside down," promises Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley P. Bell. "And a couple in love decides to marry sooner than they originally intended."

Bill/Brooke/Katie: In Aspen, "Bill quickly gets himself into a tight predicament; one that could either end his life or change its course forever." As for Katie and Brooke, "When faced with losing him forever, these two women find themselves at a crossroads, both in their relationship with Bill and with one another. Their loyalty to each other and the Logan family will be tested as it never has been before."

Liam/Hope/Wyatt/Alexandria: "Much to Liam's displeasure, Wyatt becomes a hero in the face of danger by saving the day and the Hope For The Future Diamond. Furthermore, he is frustrated that ever since Hope witnessed the tribute video he made for Steffy, she refuses to wear his engagement ring. As the Spencer brothers vie for the love of Hope, she gets a new protégée at the office, her cousin Aly Forrester. Aly idolizes Hope and watches in fascination as her successful cousin works the runway, the fashion press and her two battling suitors."

Rick/Caroline/Carter/Maya: "Now that both Caroline and Rick, and Maya and Carter, have become engaged, what's left to argue over other than who will be the better bride? Caroline and Maya both allow their inner 'Bridezilla' to be revealed."

Eric/Quinn/Donna/Pam/Charlie: "Pam finds new romance and shares a mutual love of baking with her beau, Charlie. Donna sets her sights back on Eric, but has not bargained on incurring the wrath of Quinn."

Happy Thanksgiving! "Everyone is invited to Thanksgiving at the Forrester mansion. When the Logans, Spencers and Forresters all sit down together, the angst and tension is palpable. A fun-loving and good-hearted character sets the day's tone and implores everyone to put their conflict aside."
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