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Oct 24 2013, 04:15 PM
The Room Stops
Oct 24 2013, 03:10 PM
Oct 24 2013, 05:31 AM
LOVED this storyline!

Although the set-up for Tony "revealing" the killer in this drawn out way was quite ridic. However, if anyone would do like that, it would be Tony.

The MOST of all what I loved about this part of it, is that we got the first glimpses of it being Marlena. I remember vividly when John ran into "Doc" in the tent, and was surprised to still see her there, and then when John left, Marlena looked to the other direction with the expression "finally he left" - THAT was SUCH a good moment, Gah, because THAT was the ultimate moment I knew she was it!!! I was so satisfied.
This was the last great "storyline" (not like moments, scenes or week of something) that DAYS had, IMO. Which is sad. At least until... I'd say Marlena's death. Or like before Marlena's death. Most of from Abe's murder until Marlena's death was just damn entertaining.

I hated the circus stuff, but like you said, you sort of suspected it and then it was like "No, they wouldn't do that, not again." and then on the other hand, Deidre had started playing things in Marlena that were un-Marlena like... you sort of didn't trust Marlena, but you still knew her history. And Marlena starting to treat John like an annoyance and falling for Sami's crap was like "Ergh."

And that reveal with Tony in the hospital bed, CHILLS.
Yes, it started out as a great storyline but as soon as I found out who the killer was, I lost interest. I hated that it was Marlena. I mean Deidre played the HELL out of it, of course but I just couldn't accept my favorite character, a heroine being this cold blooded serial killer! It just wasn't right. There was no explanation or reason for her to just go off the deep end and start killing innocent people, people she loved, people she considered friends, I mean, really? It made no sense.
I'm glad that it turned out to be Tony that was drugging her and brainwashing her to make her think she was doing those things. Once we got to the Melaswen storyline that's when it all went to crap.
See I had no problems with it because I knew from the start that they would eventually redeem Marlena or explain it some way. I knew they would never make Marlena a real killer. Plus when they killed Alice Horton the jig was so up. There was no way the show matriarch would ever be murdered in such a fashion, and certainly not by the show's long-standing leading female.

I loved all of it, the Melaswen thing aswell. Loved it because it was an adventure for all these people, and contained Jennifer/Jack/birth of JJ (do people even remember that he was born there??? Lol), Hope/Bo/Billie, Mar/Roman/Kate/John, Victor/Caroline, the castle scenes with Cassie/Jack/Mar/Roman, Abe waiting on there while Lexie/Tek was starting to happen. And all the reunions at the end. It was a great story allover.

IMO it was AFTER all that had ended in 2005 and when Rex & Cassie left that the show took a serious turn for the worse and started to decline. They started to make Mimi a bad girl to prop up Belle which was a huge mistake since I rooted for Mimi much more than faux-Belle. The killing of Zack by that insuffarable bitch Chelsea whom I hated. That death was just so unnecessary. Also, then started the EJ years and they brought back Stephanie who I could care less about and started to make Sami a heroine. Yep, 2006 was the year it all started slowly sinking into the abyss. Which is ironic, because the same thing happened to Y&R, and GH had been declining already from 2003 forward and it only continued. It seems like 2005 was the last good year on any soap.
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