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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Sami is packing up toys in the living room of the D mansion when Stefano comes in. She tells him that EJ is at the hospital. Stefano - Good. I wish to speak to you.

EJ comes in to see Chad. How are you doing? What's wrong? Chad - Cameron knows I was faking the brain tumour. EJ - Yeah, I know. I told him.

Abby sees Cam near the nurse's station and tells him she needs to speak to him. I need you to tell me what you've been hiding from me about Chad.

Jen opens the door to Lucas who immediately apologises. I know I picked a lousy time to go out of town. How's JJ? Jen - That's a good question. Lucas - At least the judge put him here so you'll know. I know it looks bad right now but maybe it will help if a guy talks some sense into him; like his uncle who had some troubles at his age too. Jen - I wish you could. Lucas - I will. I want to. Where is he? Jen - I have no idea.

JJ looks at the vial. I thought we were going to hook up. Theresa - We are. And baby the sex is going to be off the charts.

Lucas - You called Hope yourself to turn him in! Jen - Please, don't lecture me. Abigail was so appalled she almost disowned me. We are down to drastic measures here. Lucas - What did Hope say? Jen - She said we should give JJ one more night to come home. Lucas - Wow. I'm sorry. I feel like I owe you an apology. I feel like an accomplice here. Jen - How's that? Lucas - Because he was working me about being grounded. He totally played me. He knew how I felt about Daniel and he went there. Jen - How does it feel to be so predictable. Lucas - I don't know about that ... Jen - No, I'm saying that more for me then you. Lucas - I'm sorry alright. I should have been smarter about the whole thing. Jen - Don't be. I know you love JJ. And really the truth is the main person at fault here besides JJ is me.

JJ - I can't believe you scored that. Theresa - You always expect me to show up and ask you what you brought, right? JJ - I didn't say that. Theresa - It's okay. It's true. Normally you take care of things but tonight it's my turn. JJ - Thank you. Theresa - Let's mix it up and get the party started. You won't believe what it does. Oh yeah, get ready.

Sami - Is this about what I said at the hospital. If you're waiting for an apology hold your breath. Stefano - Samantha ... Sami - I am not going to apologise for one word of it. Stefano - Nor should you. Almost every word that you have said is true.

Maxine comes into Kayla's office. Kayla - Are the latest labs for Chad DiMera in there? Maxine - Right on top. Did you get the consult report from Dr. Phillips? Kayla - Yeah, I was reading it right now. Maxine - You don't look very happy. Kayla - 'Cause it's not good. It's a good thing Daniel called in a specialist as quickly as he did. Kayla takes a call and Maxine leaves. Dr. Phillips, thank you for returning my call so quickly. I did. I'm actually looking at it right now. Yeah, I agree. We need to take care of Chad's condition immediately.

Chad - How could you do that! EJ - When your artery ruptured the doctor's had to administer a certain type of medication to stop the bleeding. Cameron was about to stop Dr. Jonas from using it because he believed that it could potentially interact with the experimental medication that you were supposedly taking for your brain tumour. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't let you bleed to death. Chad - Right. EJ - I'm sorry it had to come out this way. Chad - It's okay. EJ - You're lucky I was standing there; that I overheard that conversation. I take it Cameron said something to you. Chad - Oh yeah. EJ - Did he say anything to Abigail. Chad - Not yet.

Abby - I did speak to him after you left the room. He didn't mention anything to me about what the two of you discussed. He said everything was fine but I feel like he's hiding something from me. Cam - What's bothering you? Abby - This is awkward, right? Is this okay? Can you talk to me about me and Chad? Cam - Yes, I can. Whatever you need. Abby - Okay. I'm going to tell you what I think is going on with Chad and I want you to be totally, brutally honest with me. Deal? Cam - Deal.

Segment 2: Lucas - Come on, Jen. You've been there, I've been there. JJ is a good kid and eventually he'll come around. I know it. Jen - I hope that you're right and I pray that JJ will come home but I don't think he will. Lucas - What are you going to do about it? Sit around and wait for the guy? Jen - No, I am going to go to my office and get some work and bring it home. Lucas - You're going to work now? Jen - Yes. I have been so distracted lately that Anne Millbauer is almost right about me. I'm not going to sleep so I might as well be productive. Lucas - Alright. Who knows, maybe when you get back JJ will be home by then. Jen - Yeah, that would be a miracle and I don't really believe in those any more.

Theresa uses a dropper to put some of the drug into the drinks. JJ - Have you ever done this before? Theresa - Yeah. I take it you're a virgin. JJ - That's not funny. Theresa - I meant you've never done G before. JJ - I must have. I've pretty much done everything; sometimes you don't even know what it is, right? Theresa - GHB, if you've done it, you'd definitely remember. JJ - If you say so. Theresa - I do. Actually, I'm glad I'm going to be your first, this way, I mean. JJ - What does it do? It sounds like a rufie. Theresa - Not at all. You'll very much be awake and every touch, every kiss is going to be magnified like hundreds of times. It's better then any high you've ever had and the sex, it's going to blow anything you've ever done out of the water. Trust me.

Sami - Are you saying that you get it? You understand that you are the reason Chad was shot. You and your insane jealousy. You put this whole train wreck in motion. Stefano - You know if you could keep quiet I would talk. Sami - Okay. Stefano - The night Chad was shot I gave my word to God. Sami - Your word as a DiMera? Stefano - I swore that if He would spare my son I would change. Sami - Okay. Well good luck with that. We'll all wait with bated breath. Stefano - Samantha, I'm sorry. From the bottom of my heart please accept my apology for everything I put you through.

Chad - I think he'll be quiet for now. EJ - You can't count on that. Chad - I know that. EJ - You need to beat him to the punch. You have to tell Abigail before he does. Pre-emptive strike is the best way to limit the damage. Chad - You make this sound like a bombing campaign. EJ - In a way it is. You're not ready to walk away from Abigail, are you? Chad - Hell no. EJ - Then you need this. I was all for this never coming out but Cameron knows now that means Abigail is going to find out. The best thing you can do is get ahead of it and put your spin on it. Chad - I lied. There's no spinning that. EJ - There's always a way to spin it; you just need to get ahead of it. A nurse comes in. Mr. DiMera, Dr. Brady would like to see you in her office. EJ - Thank you. Hospital business, I'll see you in a little bit.

Abby - I'm afraid that Chad's not into me now. Cam - Why? Abby - When people go through big things like this they change and with trauma involved it can bring you closer together or pull you further apart. The way that Chad's been acting ... Cam - Chad still wants to be with you. Abby - Then why is he being so ... It's not like he's being distant exactly but it's something. Cam - Why don't you ask him. EJ walks up as Chad gets paged. He tells Abby he has to get going. Abby - Sure. Thank you.

EJ knocks on Kayla's door and goes inside. I heard you wanted to see me. Kayla - Yes, EJ, please take a seat. Cameron told me that you're aware of Chad's condition. EJ - Which condition is this? Kayla - The tumour. We respected his wish to seek outside treatment but now there's a complication from his injury and we need to consult with his specialist so I assume that you have the name. Cam enters. There is no specialist. There's no brain tumour.

Abby goes into Chad's room.

Segment 3: Jen walks up to Maxine at the nurse's station and finds her holding the picture she gave to Daniel. Why is it here? Why is it broken? Maxine looks at all the staff watching and tells Jen she's going to clock out. Let's go someplace else.

Theresa - I envy you. I remember my first time with G. It was beyond amazing. You become really sensitized ... I mean, it's total escape. You do want to escape right? JJ - Yeah but we've smoked and you've had quite a bit to drink. Does that cut the buzz? I mean, do you have to worry about the dosage? Theresa - No worries, I've never had a bomb before. Are you ready? Cheers.

Sami - Did I just hear you correctly? Did you just apologise to me! Stefano - I did. Sami - So you're saying that you admit it. That you put me behind bars. You were willing to leave me in prison for the rest of my life and now you're sorry. Stefano - I truly am. Sami - What am I supposed to do with that? What are you expecting to happen? Do you want a big bear hug, a wet sloppy kiss and for me to say all is forgiven. Stefano - I can understand if you do not believe my words. What I want you to do is give me a chance to make it up to you. Sami - This feels like a giant setup. Are you serious? Stefano - I'm never going to bury another child. It is never going to happen again. Lucas knocks on the living room doors and comes in. Oh hello. Harold let me in after security patted me down. That was interesting. Sami - Sorry. Lucas - Is Allie ready? Sami - Almost. Stefano - Lucas, your daughter is absolutely lovely and she's also a very sweet girl. Lucas - Yes she is, thanks. Stefano - So please feel free anytime you like to come and visit her ... please do. Lucas - Okay I will. Stefano leaves the room. Lucas - What the hell was that?

Abby asks Chad how he's feeling. Chad - Better in the last 2 mins. There's something that we need to get out. Abby - I knew it. I could tell. You've been through a lot in the last 48 hrs. You took a bullet for your brother, you nearly died. It makes you question everything in your life. I get it. I felt the same way when I lost my Dad. Chad - I'm talking about some choices that I made. Some really stupid choices that I should have avoided. Abby - You didn't need to be that harsh but ... you don't feel the same way about me anymore.

Kayla - I don't understand. Is Chad in remission already. Cam - No, there never was a brain tumour. Chad lied. Kayla - Why would someone lie about something like that. EJ - He had his reasons. Kayla - You knew! EJ - I found out recently. Kayla - And you played along with it. How could you do that! EJ - He made a mistake; one that is pretty inconsequential alongside ... Kayla - This isn't some kind of prank EJ. He lied about a serious medical condition. EJ - He was shot which last I heard, was a serious medical condition. So instead of beating up on Chad why don't we get to the matter at hand. I'm assuming there was a reason that you called me here. Kayla - Yes. There are some complications with his injury; serious complications.

Jen and Maxine are at the pub. I'm not sure how that candy-striper came by it. Sounds like you she found it in the trash and knew it didn't belong there. Jen - It used to be in his apt. Maybe he brought it to his office a while ago. I haven't been to either place in such a long time so ... The candy-striper gave it to you. Maxine - She knew you and Daniel were friends of mine. Jen - So he threw it in the trash. Maxine - Don't you dare say this is right. Jen - I have pushed him away so many times and even if Daniel understands it doesn't mean that it's okay. Maxine - So you're just going to let that man give up on you huh. Jen - I can't give him what he wants right now so if Daniel says it's over, I have to accept that. And it looks like for Daniel it really is over. This is where you fight me and tell me that I'm wrong. Maxine - I can't. I think maybe you're right.

Theresa downs her drink, JJ takes a sip.

Segment 4: Sami - I don't know. That's Stefano 5.0; the new and improved Phoenix. Lucas - What's he after? Sami - A family who loves him, I guess. Lucas - Right. You're buying that ... don't tell me ... Sami - I don't know. He seems different since Chad was shot. Lucas - All you've got to do is think back Sami, really. Sami - Believe me, no one is more suspicious of that man than I am. He's lied to everyone all the time. He's lied to his own beloved son. Lucas - But what? Sami - I'm embarrassed to say this out loud but he seems sincere. Lucas - I'm sorry, it sounded like you said sincere. Has your IQ dropped since you've lived here? Come on! Just get Allie for me okay. Sami - She's upstairs. She's packing her backpack. I have everything in her suitcase. She changes her clothes a bunch of times a day now so watch out for that. Lucas - I will but I'd rather talk about the shooting. Sami - I don't want to. I have been lectured by every single member of the Brady clan. Lucas - Fine, then I won't lecture you about this. Just convince me, how is my daughter not at risk by living in this house with the DiMera's. Sami - How can you even ask that? You yourself were patted down before you were allowed in here. Isn't it safer here for her than anywhere else. Lucas - Safer here, in an armed camp! Come on. Sami - She doesn't see it that way. None of the kids do. They like it here. Lucas - Why would you want to live in a house that needs muscle to keep people safe. Sami - Look, they're just stressed out right now because of what happened but I really think that incident with Marge was just a freak thing. Lucas - A freak thing, really? Come on. There's a direct line from Stefano to those bullets flying at Chad's club and you know it. Sami - Yeah but it doesn't happen all the time. Lucas - Oh I'm sorry. Stefano doesn't have other enemies. EJ doesn't have any enemies. Sami - He is doing everything he can to keep me and the kids safe. Lucas - EJ couldn't even stop his own brother from being shot. He was right there; he couldn't do a damn thing about it. Sami - Read the paper. That could happen to anyone any time anywhere in Salem. Lucas - Fine then all the more reason to cut your losses. Don't live in this house anymore. Sami - Please be quiet. I don't want Allie to walk in on us and hear us brawling. Lucas - Why? Because you're worried; is that it? You're worried about staying in this house because you know that I'm right. That's exactly why you're fighting me. Sami - I'm not just going to uproot my children. I'm not going to overreact to this based on one incident. Lucas - One incident! Chad was shot and almost killed. It could have been EJ. It could have been you Sami or it could have been one of the kids. You don't think that's reason enough.

Kayla - The emergency surgery was a success. Daniel was able to stop the bleeding which seemed impossible at first. But there has been significant damage to his celiac artery and if it's not repaired he could be looking at lymphatic failure. EJ - Then repair it. Kayla - I have talked to one of the top cardiologist's and they recommend surgery. EJ - I don't want the top, I want the best in the country. Kayla - There's a surgeon in Boston. He's the best in the field. EJ - That's who we need. Give me his name. We'll fly him in. Kayla - It doesn't really work like that EJ. We have to get Chad to him. He's got the best surgeons and the best facility. EJ - Fine. I'll take care of it. Kayla - Okay. If you can get your family to take care of that I think I can get him scheduled quickly. EJ - I'll organize a medevac to take him there. He is well enough to travel? Kayla - With the proper care, yes. EJ - I'll talk to my father. Is tomorrow morning soon enough? Kayla - That'll be great. Thank you. EJ - Thank you. He looks at Cam and shakes his head. EJ leaves. Kayla - Wow, do I owe you an apology. Cam - Why is that? Kayla - You were right to question Chad's experimental treatment. Does Abigail know? Cam - No, she doesn't and it's not my place to tell her.

Chad - No, I love you. That hasn't changed and it won't. Why would you even think that? Abby - Because it felt like you were hiding something from me and you were. Kayla comes in and greets Abby. She tells Chad she needs to speak to him privately. He tells her that whatever she has to say she can say in front of Abigail.

Maxine - Are you okay? Jen - I don't know. You were always our biggest cheerleader. Maxine - And I'd like to be again. You and Daniel were just right for each other; always have been. Not because you're both nice people; you've been through the same things. You both lost spouses. Hell you couldn't custom order a better partner. Jen - And we were really happy because neither one of us expected to have this again. We were so lucky. And you think I threw it all way because of JJ. Maxine - You said that honey, I didn't.

Theresa - Come on, you barely touched it. JJ - I'm good. Theresa - No you aren't. That wasn't enough to do anything. JJ - I don't need much. Theresa - Oh come on JJ. I know that's not true. I know you've never done this before. You don't have to pretend. If you had done it before, I'd be worried. This is a grownup drug. JJ - I get that. Theresa - You haven't done coke either, have you? JJ - I like to just relax, mellow out and that's why I smoke. Theresa - This is all new for you. I think it's sweet. She kisses him. JJ - You can get a puppy for that. Theresa - Maybe sweet is the wrong word but I'm glad. I'm just glad I'm going to be part of a night that you're going to remember for the rest of your life. Come on, you've got to go with me. JJ - I'm here. Theresa - But you're not with me JJ. You barely took 2 hits of that joint and then you barely wet your lips with that lovely G cocktail. You could take a driving test right now and pass. JJ - That doesn't mean I'm not here. Theresa - So is your mom and all of your problems. JJ - Now there's a buzz-kill. Theresa - Don't you want your mom and your sister and Jonas and all those cops to go far, far away. JJ - There's got to be an App for that, right. Theresa - There is. It's right here. All you have to do is take a couple more sips. She hands him the glass.

Segment 5: Kayla - It's a fairly routine surgery in the right hands. It's not an emergency but you should get that artery repaired as soon as possible. Chad - Okay and is Boston really the best place. Kayla - Yes it is. They've agreed to work you into their surgical rotation as soon as we can get you there. EJ is arranging transport. Abby - So when should Chad leave? Kayla - Tomorrow.

Stefano is sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area near the nurse's station. EJ joins him. I've made some calls to a medical charter company. Stefano - What about our jet? EJ - It's not properly equipped. We need something that is custom built for this purpose. I think somebody should accompany him as well. I would go ... Stefano - No, I'll go. EJ - It could be a very long recovery. Stefano - So what. I'm his father. I'll be with him every minute. EJ - I'll fly up for the surgery. Stefano - You stay here. Your family needs you. I'll take care of this.

Lucas - I'll have Allie for the next couple of days so that will give you enough time to think about it; decide what you want to do. Sami - Are you threatening me? Lucas - No, it's a fact. Sami - Allie loves Johnny and Sydney! Lucas - She can hang out with them as much as she wants or as much as you can manage but not in this house. Sami - Don't you do this. Lucas - I am sick of you and EJ and you're thug life. I'm not dealing with it anymore. Sami - You can't do that. You can't violate the court order. Lucas - You want to go to court? You want to bring this in front of a judge and argue best interests of the child. Sami - If you do not bring Allie back you will be violating that court order. Lucas - I'll bring her to you but not if you're here.

Jen - I gave up Daniel because JJ convinced me that's what he needed at the time. And it's the truth. I didn't see it at the time but I see it clearly now. But Daniel was right, it didn't help. It's just one more mistake in this whole line of things that I can't undo.

JJ - You're stalling. I'm ready to go. I'm good. You keep pushing stuff on me. Theresa - Fine. She takes his glass and has a big gulp. I'm not going to let the best drug in the whole wide world go to waste. At least one of us is going to be in the mood. JJ - Look at me, I'm in the mood. She drinks more. JJ - Are you sure you're okay? Theresa - I don't know. Am I okay? She kisses him. Theresa - You see. Every touch, every kiss ... more kisses.

Segment 6: Stefano assures EJ that he is serious about going with Chad. EJ - You need to be ready by tomorrow morning. Stefano - I'll have Harold pack my bag. I'll wait here until we're ready to go. EJ - You need to rest Father. Stefano - Elvis, things are going to change with me, with you and us. You'll see.

Abby - I guess the good news is that they're going to take you for the surgery. Chad - Sorry I have to leave. Abby - I'll deal. Chad - How long will I be gone? Kayla - It depends on how well your heart responds. You have to fully recovered before you can travel. I'd say a few weeks. Abby - That's not so bad. I'm glad that I'm here so I know. Chad - I would have told you. Kayla is going to leave but Chad has a few technical questions about the surgery. He asks Abby to grab him some water. Abby leaves the room. Chad - Why won't you look me in the eyes? Kayla - I'm trying but it's pretty hard to watch Abigail infer that you always tell her the truth about things ... Chad - You know. Kayla - Yes Chad. It's dangerous for your doctors not to know. Do you know that if EJ hadn't told Cameron you'd be in the morgue right now.

Allie calls out that she can't find something. Sami - It's in here sweetie. Don't you say anything to her. Allie rushes in. Daddy, I missed you. Lucas hugs her. I missed you so much. Are you ready to go? Sami - You have fun with Daddy. I want you to text me all the time. Allie will. I love you. Sami - I love you and I want you to be good for Daddy and I want you to have so much fun. They leave. Sami mutters - You S.O.B.

Jen - All Daniel ever tried to do was help with JJ and that's why he pushed for us to stay together. Not because he loved me but because he knew what a disaster it would be to let JJ dictate terms. Maxine - That is a good man. Jen - Isn't it? So how do you lose a man like that. Maxine takes a drink of her beer. Jen - What is going on with you because you always tell me to fight. What is with you? Maxine - I wouldn't even bring this up but you'll probably hear about it anyway. Word around the hospital is that Daniel and Theresa are seeing each other. Jen laughs. That is not possible. I know that for sure. If that's going around it's because Theresa is starting up trouble and I don't have the time or the patience to play these games with her. So thanks for the heads up but that woman is the least of my troubles right now.

JJ and Theresa are going on it on the couch. Theresa passes out. JJ calls her name a couple of times.

Segment 7: EJ tells Sami that Father is going to stay with Chad after the surgery for his recovery. It buys us a little bit of breathing room. Sami fixes herself another drink. EJ - Do you want to tell me ... Sami - It doesn't actually buy me any breathing room. Your father being gone doesn't help me breathe. EJ - Something happened. Sami - Lucas came to pick up Allie for his visitation and he made it clear to me that he will not bring Allie back to this house.

Chad - For what it's worth, the whole story just got out of hand. I never meant for it ... Kayla - Save it. There is no excuse. I think I know exactly what you meant to do. Chad - What does that mean? Kayla - I know what went on between you, Cameron and Abigail. You wanted your competition out of the way, right? Was it worth it? Abby is in the doorway? Was what worth it? Kayla - I've got rounds. She leaves. Abby - What was that about? Chad - That thing I need to tell you about. Remember ... the lousy choices I made. Abby - Right. So? Chad - I did a terrible thing Abigail and I want you to hear the truth from me.

Maxine tells Jen - I'll see you in the morning and thank you for the beer. Jen - Bye Maxine. After Maxine leaves Jen looks at the photo and mutters Goodbye Daniel. She puts the photo in the garbage.

JJ keeps trying to wake up Theresa to no avail. He tries to hear a heartbeat. OMG, she's not breathing. He shakes her again and calls her name.
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