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thanks Daytime.
Brad Bell is seriously off his game. Those sweeps spoilers sounds like sleep-spoilers.
These days, I only tune in to see Katie telling off Brooke and Bill.
But seriously something is wrong with Bell these days. I wonder if he is one doing writing?

Anyway, lets talk about these spoilers:

As the Spencer brothers vie for the love of Hope, she gets a new protegee at the office, her cousin Aly Forrester.
Alexandria Forrester is not Hope's cousin. In fact, they are not related. Hope is the child of Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe. Aly is Thorne and Darla's kid. Why is Brad Bell insisting on inserting Hope into everything Forrester when she isn't one?
Bill/Brooke/Katie: In Aspen, "Bill quickly gets himself into a tight predicament; one that could either end his life or change its course forever." As for Katie and Brooke, "When faced with losing him forever, these two women find themselves at a crossroads, both in their relationship with Bill and with one another. Their loyalty to each other and the Logan family will be tested as it never has been before."
At the beginning I was hoping that Katie/Bill could get pass what happen and reconcile, but now I don't want Katie back with Bill nor do I want her having anything to do with her low-life trashy sister - it is so Jerry Springer. The low-life trashy sister blame Katie, the sick woman for loosing her husband because she wouldn't give him sex, etc. Sisters like her, one dont need. And now Brad Bell is insisting on having Brooke and Bill look innocent and charming. Pleaseeeeeeeee!
I was hoping Katie would stand her ground and if someone new comes along and she is ready for another relationship, then she should go for it. I dont want her back with nasty Bill. She deserves better than him.
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