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i thought Abby broke up with Chad today?

And why am I not surprised Sami's going to be happy EJ's blackmailing Lucas. FML. I hope Lucas doesn't give in.
EJ's probably blackmailing Lucas to get Allie living with him & Sami again, so Sami's going to be all grateful that he's trying to keep their family together. :blah: :flipoff:
That isn't such a surprising reaction to me...more surprising would be for Sami to actually tell Lucas he was right and have him take Allie if he wants.
I don't know, they use the word "confronts" which makes it sound like Sami is mad at EJ. Therefore the logical "surprise" is that she turns out to be supportive of what he did. Probably because the blackmail isn't even blackmail, LOL.

Do we know what info EJ uses to blackmail Lucas?

I can't imagine that EJ would threaten to tell the cops that Will shot him. That kind of blackmail would be an empty threat because EJ and Lucas both know that Sami would never forgive EJ if he got Will sent to prison.

I'm still hoping the blackmail info is about Lucas shooting Franco. I think that would be a great umbrella storyline that would draw on the show's history in a really interesting way. (EJ wouldn't even need evidence to prove to Will that Lucas shot Franco. Sami and an off-screen Austin could confirm the truth. And Lucas's horrified reaction would also confirm the truth if Will confronted him about Franco's murder.) Of course, I doubt DAYS will go in this direction. Major bummer.

According to the SOD article, it doesn't even sound like blackmail. EJ basically guilts Lucas into dropping the issue.
That's a shame. I was hoping the blackmail info would be something cool and intriguing. It would've been awesome if EJ had blackmailed Lucas about something that happened while Lucas was living in Hong Kong. That would've been a great way to bring Lucas back to the forefront and build some history about what happened to Lucas while he was off-screen in Hong Kong.
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