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Miss Rhi
Oct 26 2013, 06:50 PM
Anyone know where to watch episodes online now outside of ABC and Hulu? They only go back to Tuesday. I used to watch older episodes on a Russian version of YT. Now all the videos there (all current soaps in US and not) uploaded by the person say not available from this country and the UK VPN I use gets the same message. I guess I might have to torrent the episodes I missed since I can't find them on YT due to closure of accounts faster then people can make them.
Are you watching them via YouTube on your Roku, attached to your TV?

I have noticed a different menu of offerings when I watch YouTube on my TV vs. YouTube on my PC.

Other than that possibility, bit torrents might be your best bet. I've never even dabbled into soap torrents as I have "wasted" my time downloading other torrents which the identity of which I will keep anonymous. :embarrassed:
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