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Sammie Jo
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Oct 27 2013, 08:50 AM
I've mentioned before that my mother lost her 10 year old sister (my mother was twenty and the oldest girl in the family the 10 year old was the youngest child and girl) due to a car hitting her while she was on the sidewalk walking down the street, my grandmother had a heart attack when she found out so my mother being the oldest at home at the time had to go with my grandfather to the hospital and watch her die, although that happen over 80 years ago its still fresh in my mother's mind as if it happen yesterday (it happen a week before Christmas and it ruined Christmas for the entire family for years) I thought Delia's death would affect her and it did, she sat very quietly while it was going on, I know she was going back to her sister's death, she was because she started going through it all over again comparing Delia's death to her sister's, both being little girls and almost the same thing happening (the driver who was drunk was in the same class as my mother and he brought her sister home sitting up in the back seat and got my mom and grandfather and took them to the hospital because he was a member of a prominent family in town (small town) he never had to spend a night in jail nor was never charged) so it can affect different members of the family big time, yes Chloe made it about her because IT IS HER DAUGHTER and yes she is going to rant and rave and rail at the situation, will she milk it in the future perhaps but right now she has a right to milk it just as Billy does, its not about the Newmans (for once) its about the Abbotts and Valentines although I think Esther would be right there for Chloe as she had the most care of Delia more so than Chloe I don't know why they don't have Esther on there she was more of a grandmother than Jill who can't see her other grandchildren other than her fake ones (Cane's kids). Go Chloe and Billy show that Delia was your daughter and mourn her.
Sorry this SL is bringing up memories for your mom, that must be really hard for both of you.
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