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Runners Up

Runners Up Part 2

Finally! Here are our top five scariest moments! All of these stories have been touched on already in one way or another, but these moments are the ones that stand out the most.
Roman’s Murder (2003)
Roman's was the 6th murder during the serial killer storyline. The audience knew he was the next victim, but security at his wedding to Kate seemed to be pretty tight. Roman was determined to marry Kate despite warnings from his daughter, his ex-wife, and the killer (we didn’t know yet that the latter two were one and the same). Roman’s death actually provides two scary moments. His actual murder is pretty eerie, but Kate’s reaction after she finds him is even better. It’s not in the GIF, but after Roman's throat was slashed, the killer shoved the miniature bride and groom cake topper down his throat. Please note, this is how you splatter blood on a cake.
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Marlena Levitates (1994)
As Salemites gathered at St. Luke’s for midnight mass on Christmas Eve, we got our first glimpse at what was going on with Marlena. And with this, the Possession story was officially off the ground.
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Vivian Rolls Around on Carly’s Grave (1993)
Vivian was positively gleeful that her plan to get Carly away from Lawrence and Nicky had worked. As Carly woke up in her coffin, Vivian rolled around above her in delight.
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Maggie’s Murder (2003)
Maggie knew that she was next on the Salem Serial Killer’s hit list. She had witnessed Jack’s murder, but she was having trouble recalling exactly what it was she saw. On Halloween night in the middle of a thunderstorm, Mickey was asleep upstairs, but someone paid Maggie a visit. The audience still didn’t know who the killer was, but it was clearly someone Maggie liked and trusted. Maggie proceeded to have a very lengthy one-way conversation with the killer as we watched it all play out from the killer’s perspective. At one point, the killer even used a video camera (that Maggie saw) so that Bo and Hope could watch in horror as the killer got closer and closer to making his/her move. In a moment of sad irony, recovering alcoholic Maggie was bashed over the head with a liquor bottle.
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Cassie’s Murder (2003)
Finally, we have our top scary moment. At Caroline’s wake, it had been revealed that Rex and Cassie were actually the biological children of Roman and Kate. There really wasn’t anyone in Salem (or any viewer) who was happy about this, lease of all Cassie and Kate who hated each other. But there as no time to deal with that. Cassie had figured out who the killer was and was determined to out her. The audience already knew from experience that knowing the identity of the killer was a good way to insure one's death. Later at a town Thanksgiving event, things took a dark turn. There was a piñata for the children, but as they began to hit it, blood started to pour out. And suddenly, Cassie’s body fell out covered in stabbing wounds.
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Thanks for participating and feel free to discuss these and any we may have left out here in this thread!
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