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Oct 29 2013, 12:35 AM
Oct 28 2013, 09:04 PM
DaysBitch: @KJAlfonso ok when is your S/L going to start-I am getting impatient now lol xxx
KJAlfonso: @DaysBitch It's coming ;))) the writers r doing a Great job! ;) I'm really enjoying it ,spunky,sassy Hope has returned ! ;))))
While I'm hopeful that Kristian does have a storyline, it appears from her tweets that these past few weeks she's back to taping one day a week at best. So much for her awesome storyline...another disappointment. Why should we be surprised??
she hasn't been tweeting every day, and she can't tweet every time she works. Sometimes she's said nothing about working in her "good morning" tweet, but later tweeted a pic from the set, or responded to someone referencing something that must've happened at work, or whatever. Ali barely tweets when she's working on Days, but we know she's likely there quite regularly.
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