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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: When Jen says she doesn't understand what Daniel was doing at Theresa's place he says ' I was just there' (He sees JJ before answering).

Jordan and Rafe arrive at the pub. Rafe thanks her for bending the rules. She reminds him they're both still on the clock. The real world presents challenges she can't recreate in the PT room. So why here ... Caroline comes out of the kitchen. Rafe Hernandez, where have you been all my life? Rafe - There's the reason. Caroline and Rafe hug and kiss on the cheek.

Kate is at a table at the outdoor café in the square talking on her cell. Jordan Ridgeway, that's right. No one is 100% squeaky clean, that's impossible. I'm paying you a lot of money to ask the right questions so I suggest you rethink your approach and dig deeper. She looks up when Nick approaches. Thanks for meeting me. Nick - What did you want to see me about Kate? Kate - Have a seat. Nick - Why don't you first tell me what this is about. Kate - Your future.

Gabi sees Cam in the park. She says hi but he doesn't hear her. She steps in front of him. You must have been really out of it. Are you okay?

Jen - So you were just at Theresa's. What exactly does that mean? Anne rushes up. I just heard the news about Theresa. She OD'd on a sex drug! Maggie walks up as Jen tells Anne to shut up. Jen - Did Theresa call you for help? And if she did, why? She had to because what other reason would you have to be at Theresa's apt so late at night. Dan - It doesn't matter what time it was or why I was there. What's important ... Jen - It matters to me. Hope - Wait. When I was at Theresa's she said she had some guy over ... a biker ... it doesn't matter. I thought she was saying Manny boy but it was Danny boy. JJ takes off. Jen - Was that you hiding in the bathroom? Dan - Theresa was on her phone leaving a message for me. He plays the message.

Segment 2: Jen grabs the cell. So she asked you to come over and you did. Dan - Yeah, I was there. Anne - This raises a lot of questions Dr. Jonas as you can imagine. You have access to prescription drugs here. Maybe that girl was on something else besides her GHB. If you ... Dan - I highly doubt you'll find any prescribed medications in her tox screen. You can drug test me immediately. Anne - Great. I'll make arrangements. Dan - Fine. Go to hell when you're done. He walks away.

Caroline - I came to visit you in the hospital but there was so much going on I wasn't sure you wanted to see me. Rafe - Oh please, none of that had anything to do with you and me. Caroline - I'm glad to hear that. Rafe - Are you kidding! Who else knows how to cook my burger just right besides you. I'm not going to ruin that relationship. Caroline - Now that Sami's problems seem to be resolved and she's moving on; I'm relieved to see you've done the same. There's no one that deserves happiness more than you. Jordan - Oh that's not what this is. Uh ... Rafe? Rafe smiles.

Kate - The project you did for Mad World was very successful. It made the company a lot of money and I thought you should share in the wealth. Nick opens the envelope and looks at the cheque. OMG. Wow! Kate! Thank you very, very much. Kate - That's not all. I also have a proposition for you. Have a seat. He sits down. I'd like to have you come back to work for me full-time. Nick - That's not possible. Kate - What do you mean? Nick - Honestly, if the timing were different I would jump at the opportunity, trust me. But I have a plan and I've been working very hard to make it happen and if it does, I'm going to be leaving Salem.

Cam - I'm fine. I'm just thinking about a patient. Gabi - Can you talk about it? Cue f/b of Abby confronting him. Cam - You know when you do something and you mean well but it backfires on you. I handled something incredibly poorly. Gabi - But you can learn something from that right? Everybody screws up every once in a while. Cam - This was a colossal screw-up. Gabi - As colossal as getting pregnant with your best friend who is gay? I think I win. Now I don't think of it as a screw-up because a beautiful little girl came out of it. Sometimes what you think of as a mistake is actually a blessing. Cam - You're right, sometimes it is. Gabi - I'm going to go get some coffee. Would you want to go with me? Cam - I'd like that.

Karen comes into the exam room with some blankets. OMG, Theresa. Nurse 1 - It's a good thing Dr. Jonas was there. Nurse 2 - Yeah, super convenient that he was making a house call for an OD.

Maggie tells Jen she's so sorry. Hope suggests that Jen spend the night with her and Ciara. I don't want you to be alone. Jen - No, I'm going to be fine. I'm going to focus on my son because that is what matters now. Daniel's explanation doesn't make sense. It can't be true. Hope - What do you mean? Jen - He would never leave Parker at night and Joanna doesn't work this late so something is off. Maggie - Parker's with Chloe for a few days. Jen - Okay so he was home alone and he has nothing to do and the first thing he thinks of doing is going to Theresa's apt. So he had a chance and he took full advantage of it.

Dan is in his office now in his scrubs. He sees JJ there.

Segment 3: Jordan - I'm not ... Rafe is my ... I'm his physical therapist. Caroline - Oh that's too bad. Rafe introduces the 2 women. Jordan - Nice to meet you. Rafe had one place he wanted to go on his furlough tonight and this was it. Rafe - That's right. And she's really good at what she does so the next time you see me I will be walking in here because she busts my buns. Caroline - Is your husband in the medical field as well. Jordan - I'm not married. Caroline - Well, that's lovely. She looks at Rafe - The usual? A draft. She asks Jordan - Can he have a cold one? Jordan - One. Caroline - What can I get you? Jordan - Ginger-ale. Caroline - The next time you 2 come in I have a rare Irish champagne for a special occasion. Rafe - Good! Jordan - Irish champagne? Rafe - Lager. It really threw you before, didn't it? Caroline thinking that we were together. Jordan - I was not thrown. Rafe - You were thrown. Does the idea of someone assuming we're together really terrify you that much?

Kate - I can't really say I'm surprised that you would want to leave Salem after everything that happened to you here. And despite our differences which mainly centered around your treatment of my grandson, I do wish you good luck. You're very talented. Nick - Thank you. Kate - Although I don't know if I'd be quite this forgiving if Will hadn't rebounded so well with Gabi and Sonny. The 3 of them are doing such a great job raising that baby. Nick - Yeah. I'm glad for all of them. Kate - That's really good. And Will has this fantastic opportunity with a fellowship in writing at Berkeley; it's all coming together for him. Anyway, when do you leave? Nick - It kind of depends. I've got to weigh different options and opportunities. We'll see how everything pans out. Kate - Good for you. Nick - It basically comes down to where's going to be the perfect place to start a new life. Kate - You can start a new life anywhere. Nick - Anywhere but here. I'm developing something that I think you and your company would be very interested in. I'll be in touch. Kate - I look forward to it. Good luck. There is something else I'd like to say to you and I'm not saying this lightly, I think you're one of the brightest people I've ever met. And I think doing something big, pursuing the dream outside of Salem is the very best thing for you and for everyone else. Good luck. She leaves. Nick - Hmm, I'm not sure you're going to feel that way if this pans out the way I want it to.

Gabi and Cam are at the club having coffee. Gabi is talking about her biology class and how she couldn't bring herself to dissect the frog so needless to say he'll never find her working in the OR next to him. Cam say everyone who starts out wanting to be a doctor struggles a lot ... you get to this point where you click in. If you click out, you're done. If you do carry on you can't imagine doing anything else and then you're in this wonderful position where you get to help people every single day of your life. Gabi - That's better. You're a lot more open and positive then when I ran into you. Cam - There's a kind of medicine you give people to make them feel better and then there's this medicine that you're dispensing tonight that seems to do the same trick. Gabi - It's probably the caffeine kicking in. Chad - Seriously, you don't have to be a doctor just to make a person feel better. Gabi - That's sweet. Nick comes in and sees them together - Gabi has her hand on top of Cam's.

Karen is alone with Theresa when Anne comes in. So sad, huh. Karen - Yeah, very. Karen leaves. Anne - Hey, you. You had me scared out of my wits when they brought you in here but the Dr says you're going to be okay. Listen I don't know what you did but you'll be really glad to know when you wake up that you're plan to torment Jennifer totally worked. I just wish you could have seen her face when she put 2 + 2 together about you and world renown chick-magnet Daniel Jonas. It was if the good doctor literally stabbed her in the back. Priceless! So rest well and while you do I will take every chance I can to twist that knife.

Dan - You shouldn't be here. JJ - I had to make sure Theresa was okay. Dan - She is now go. No one can see you here. It is written all over your face that you were a part of this. If you really want me to keep covering for you, not being seen with me is basically priority one. JJ - What about when she wakes up. What if she says something. Dan - I will handle it. JJ - How dude! Dan - It is not your problem but I will say this for the last time, so listen up. No one else can know you were at Theresa's place tonight. If ? finds out, that judge will send you straight to prison, he won't look back. Is that sinking in at all? JJ nods. Dan stops him from leaving. JJ - I thought you said to go. Dan - Do you have any drugs on you? Dan can tell by his reaction that he does. You need to lose them ... NOW! JJ nods. Dan - We'll talk more in the morning. I don't know how but we will. I will repeat this. No one can know about it. Jen knocks. Daniel, we need to talk and I'm not leaving until I get some answers.

Segment 4: Cam gets paged. Gabi - Another reason I couldn't be a doctor; you're on call 24/7. Cam - You're a mom now, that's practically the same thing. Gabi agrees. It was good to spend time with you. Cam - It was. That frog you liberated was Kermit, right. He was lucky. He leaves. Nick greets Cam as he passes him. He says hi to Gabi. Gabi tells him she was just going to go. Nick - How's Ari doing? Gabi - She's great. Nick - I bet she's grown so much since the last time I seen her I probably wouldn't recognise her. Do you have any pictures on your phone. I'd love to see some. Do you mind? Gabi digs out her phone. Sure. Nick gushes over the photos.

Jordan - You have a way with words, the wrong ones. Rafe - How so. Jordan - I was hardly terrified that your friend thought we were ... uh ... whatever. Rafe - Together. Jordan - I'm a physical therapist period. Rafe - That's too bad. Jordan - Why? Rafe - I thought maybe we were becoming friends too. Caroline returns with their drinks. Jordan - Where do you want to sit? Rafe - That chair right there. Jordan - You can stay in your ... Rafe - I get into that chair on my own, you buy me a beer. I need your help, I buy you one. Jordan - Why don't we just ... Rafe moves himself onto the chair. Caroline - That's great! You used your legs. Rafe - I'm getting there slowly. Jordan - He sustained considerable nerve damage to his legs not to mention his muscles atrophied while he was in a coma so regaining strength and mobility is challenging but he's getting there as long as he doesn't overdo it. While Jordan is setting the wheelchair out of the way Caroline comments - A serious one. Rafe - She's not as serious as she'd like you to believe.

Jen tries Dan's locked door. Dan signals JJ to use the other door. Dan opens the door - I'm on my way out to check on Theresa's condition. Jen - Do you think that we need to talk ... Dan - Nothing left to say. It's clear to you and everybody else what's going on. Let's leave it at that. He walks past her, Jen goes after him and follows him to the area near the nurse's station. Jen - Do not walk away from me after everything that we've been through. You may not think this but I believe that you owe me an explanation.

Segment 5: They're still going through the pics on Gabi's phone. Nick tells her that she's a good mother. I always knew you would be. Arianna should be your first priority. Gabi - She is. She's a lot of work, a lot more than I expected. I'm glad I have Will and Sonny to help me. I don't know how single mom's do it with no back-up. Nick - You always knew that Will was going to be a hand's on Dad, Sonny too obviously. I saw Kate. She was bragging that Will got into some writing seminar ... Gabi - Yeah. She should be bragging. It's a very prestigious program and an amazing opportunity. Nick - He must be a good writer. Gabi - The best part is he wasn't even looking for this. Somebody submitted a sample of his work and he got chosen. Nick - Really! I think sometimes it takes someone else to see your potential to make sure that you get the opportunities that you deserve. Gabi - I guess you're right. Nick - I'm glad that Will is able to pursue the life that he wants even with all of his other responsibilities. I hope that you get that same opportunity.

Kate comes into the pub and finds Rafe and Jordan there. She says hi. She tells Jordan she almost didn't recognise her outside her PT room. Jordan excuses herself to take a call from the hospital. Kate goes to the bar to get herself a drink. She tells Caroline - I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd like a cold beer. Caroline - I'm surprised to see you and Rafe together. Kate - I know that you're having trouble with your memory. Rafe and I are very good friends. Caroline - Believe me sweetie, it wasn't the Alzheimer's. She sets Kate's beer in front of her and walks away. Jordan is outside talking on her cell. Someone's asking questions? What kind of questions?

Maggie and Hope walk up to Jen and Dan. Jen - You know that I'm worried out of my mind over JJ and you do this. Maggie - Honey, please. Hope - Can we go somewhere and talk. Jen - No, I want to talk to Daniel but I guess he doesn't think I deserve his precious time and attention. Dan faces her. Jen - I get it. We're done, we're over, it's crystal clear. I did it. I made the choice. And to think for one minute I actually regretted it! Oh no. We are done. We are so done which means yes, you can see anyone you please. But seriously, Theresa? This woman hates me. She spends every single day of her life trying to destroy my son. Maggie - Jennifer, don't do this, not here. Jen - Oh what, Aunt Maggie, is there a better place we can do this. I mean seriously, out of all the women in this town, all the women in the world, you choose Theresa! I heard all the gossip and all the rumours but I didn't even give them a second thought because I thought this is insane, it's completely impossible. Anne listens and smiles as Jen continues. I know how many women in this hospital would love to go out with you Daniel but the one that I despise, that I hate, that I can't even bear and you zero in on her. Really! And knowing full well how I feel you chose her and you know why. Because you want to hurt me. You want to intentionally hurt me. Do you hate me that much? She turns and leaves.

JJ Is in the square. He recalls smashing the windows. Bev sees him. She hugs him. Where have you been? Everybody is looking for you. Are you okay. JJ - No. He starts walking away. Bev - JJ. He stops. There's something that I have to do.

Segment 6: Jordan - It must be just some routine inquiry. It's not like I have anything to hide. Thank you for letting me know. Kate tells Rafe it's really good to see him outside the hospital. Rafe - It feels really good to be out even if it just for a burger and a beer. I know the day's coming that I get my life back. I can get out of that place, that bed, that chair. I just want my life back the way it was before all this went down. Jordan returns. Kate - You're back, how nice.

Gabi - If you'd asked me before where I would be at this point in my life I would never have said something like this. I'm happy. Honestly, at first I was terrified but now I'm in love. Nick - With Arianna? Gabi - Yeah. Nick - Before you were pregnant you had dreams of your own. Gabi - Modelling? No, that dream was totally shut down before I started wearing maternity pants. Realistically, that was never going to happen. Nick - That is so not true. If this can happen to Will with his writing it can happen to you with modelling. Gabi - That is very sweet of you to say. Nick - I believe in you. Gabi - You always have even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you for humouring me with the photos. Nick - You know I love hearing about Arianna and seeing pictures of her; that will never change. Gabi - I'm glad you feel the same way about her. After everything we've been through I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to talk to me or my baby ever again. Nick - No, that's not me. Gabi - No, it's not. I'll see you. Nick - Bye.

Anne watches as a technician draws Dan's blood.

Jen is about to let herself in the house when she sees her son. JJ - Mom, I'm so sorry and I'm home.

Segment 7: Gabi talks to Ari in her bassinette. She wonders what Ari is going to dream about. Speaking of dreams Nick thinks that just because your Daddy's dreams are coming true the same thing is going to happen for Mommy. What he doesn't understand is that I already have my miracle and that's you and I couldn't wish for more.

Nick is sending out more headshots of Gabi's to agencies. He leans back. I could feel a connection today Gabi. You and me and Arianna building a life together and nothing and no one is going to get in the way of that.

Rafe - How about another beer? A half-pint? Jordan - Half is fine by me. Rafe asks Kate if she wants another one. Rafe who is back in his wheelchair heads to the bar. Kate - Things are working out between the two of us, it's nice. I'm really pleased. Jordan - Yes, me too.

Nurse to Daniel who is checking on Theresa - She's lucky. The attending said she should be awake by morning. Dan - Good. I want to be contacted the minute she wakes up. Nurse - I'm sure you do Doctor.

JJ picks up a picture of his mom and dad. I thought about everything tonight and I realised that I was so wrong about a lot of things; mostly everything really. I've been hurting you, Abigail too and myself. The thing is Mom that I'm really messed up since Dad died and I've been using that as some stupid excuse to get away with stuff and take chances. I'm not that stupid even though I acted that way for a long time. So I am done dealing. I am done acting out 'cause I don't want to hurt anybody anymore.

Maggie and Hope walk up to Dan when he returns to the nurse's station. Maggie - I just don't understand. Dan - It's not your problem or your business. Hope - What are you doing? Why aren't you explaining yourself to Jennifer, to your Mom, to any of us. Dan - Hope, you need to stay out of this too. Hope - This doesn't make any sense Daniel. Why aren't you explaining it? Dan - I went to Theresa's. I found she'd OD'd, I got her help. End of story. Hope - You just want this to go away. Dan - And it will. Hope - Anne is not going to let this go away. Even if criminal cause can't be found she's not going to let this disappear. And is doesn't even begin to cover what this is going to do to Jennifer. Dan - Think what you want but I'm done talking about it.

JJ takes Jen's hand. I love you Mom. Jen - You know what, it's going to be okay now because you're here, you're in your home and we're together. It's me, you and your sister. We have each other and that is all that matters, okay. They hug.
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