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Oddly enough, I found myself enjoying this episode.

The strangest thing to me was that I actually didn't mind Daniel this time. I don't actually dislike Daniel, I just don't like Dannifer. But I thought the way SC played the scenes was excellent and it wasn't a matter of is he replacing Jack or not for me. I don't know, maybe I ate some crazy pills because I actually really thought it played out nicely. The way Jennifer was annoying and he was silent and stoic- then JJ showing up in his office and then going home to Jennifer...I thought it was good.

As for the Ann/Theresa stuff - Ann gets on my nerves and while there was a moment of sincerity in her voice telling Theresa to get well, etc. It is still all about getting Jennifer to her and she will use Theresa if need be. I did think the actress did a nice job portraying a little bit of worry combined with nasty though.

Again, I must have taken crazy pills because I even found Cameron slightly tolerable in his scenes with Gabi. When he was talking about becoming a doctor and clicking in, or whatever, I didn't fall asleep. Which is a huge compliment coming from me about him because normally, I do.

Nick, oh I love Nick. He is so creepy and BB does it so well. I don't like the v-neck though.

Kate- what a waste! I am so ready for her to move out of this storyline and pu-lease- on what planet is she going to give all that information about her grandson out to Nick and be so happy for Nick??

As for Ratordan - I am over it. I don't mind the slow build of Rafe/Jordan, but I need Kate out of it. She is too good for this.

Jordan is boring, but I am still willing to go with it for now. Rafe was Rafe. I don't have anything else constructive to say about him.

Caroline? Her plot point writing to promote Rafe/Jordan was not only obvious, but awkward. I am all for Rafordoline though. All for it.

It wasn't a good episode really and it was all over the place writing wise, but for whatever reason, I was entertained.

And that moment at the end with JJ & Jennifer, I just love that kid. He is such a schmuck, but Casey Moss is really giving the character dimension. And MR is in her element playing mom. And I like the hoarse voice. It works.

I don't like that all of this is playing as Dannifer angst, but if it were a different couple with chemistry and Jack wasn't sacrificed for it, I could honestly say it is well thought out angst.

I would have liked to see Hope a little more upset about Theresa and Kayla and others should be there. Hopefully we get some of that before Theresa is released. And where are her parents already?? And I don't even like Shane and Kim that much..but they should be in Salem dealing with their daughter already.
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