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Oct 28 2013, 08:28 PM
This may be an unpopular opinion amongst the One Life to Live fans who saw her grow up, but this show would instantly improve if they let Kristen Alderson go at the end of her 13-week cycle. She was tolerable as Starr, but this Kiki character needs to exit stage left. Yesterday.
Agreed, and she can take the other OLTL transplants with her. Bringing back RH and making him Franco was an absurd and stupid experiment and trying to pair him up with Carly again makes me sick. Especially since he's the reason her son was raped in prison, and no, I don't give a damn about Franco and his magic DVDs that were supposed to make it all better. :flipoff: Silas has all the charm and personality of a concrete block. I wouldn't miss any of them and they are not needed on General Hospital.
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