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^ My face watching DAYS

Oct 29 2013, 10:05 AM
Kristian Alfonso ‏@KJAlfonso 10m
Reading scripts fr next week ,off to the gym to continue ,there so good I can't put them down;))I'll continue reading on the treadmill ;))))
Kristian is like the guy with a 3 inch dick who walks around saying he has a John Holmes in his pants....

SEEING is BELIEVING with Kristian...I have read the "can't put it down, treadmill, gym, ;)))))))))))" tweets before. Kristian tows the company line and I am really going to need to FOR ONCE see her tweets amount to something on screen for a change.

Its like her tweet that the Brady's care VERY much about Theresa's well being....SHOW US...stop TELLING us...cause what I saw yesterday on screen was the exact opposite of the bullshit Kristian is trying to sell.

Hope has not had a good story in so long that Alfonso has truly forgotten WHAT a good story actually is. Her last great material was Zach's death and the insuing fallout..and that was what 7 years ago?
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