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Oct 29 2013, 11:35 AM
Oct 29 2013, 10:05 AM
Kristian Alfonso ‏@KJAlfonso 10m
Reading scripts fr next week ,off to the gym to continue ,there so good I can't put them down;))I'll continue reading on the treadmill ;))))
Kristian is like the guy with a 3 inch dick who walks around saying he has a John Holmes in his pants....

SEEING is BELIEVING with Kristian...I have read the "can't put it down, treadmill, gym, ;)))))))))))" tweets before. Kristian tows the company line and I am really going to need to FOR ONCE see her tweets amount to something on screen for a change.

Its like her tweet that the Brady's care VERY much about Theresa's well being....SHOW US...stop TELLING us...cause what I saw yesterday on screen was the exact opposite of the bullshit Kristian is trying to sell.
wrt the Theresa tweet, we did see Hope care about Theresa in the pub scenes after Vargas' arrest. And a few people did tweet Kristian in response to her tweet that it didn't seem that they cared based on yesterday's episode. We do have to remember that they shoot 4 months in advance, & maybe yesterday's complete ignorance of Theresa was a one-off thanks to a terrible breakdown & scriptwriting.
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