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Monday ("Eric's Temper")
Eric explodes at a remorseful Marlena; Gabi is excited to receive a modelling contract.

Tuesday ("Nicole is Shocked")
Kristen holds Marlena at gunpoint; Nicole is shocked to learn the truth about what happened to Eric.

Wednesday ("Eric Confronts Kristen")
Eric confronts Kristen; Maggie seeks comfort from Daniel over her unstable marriage.

Thursday ("Sami Explodes")
Sami loses it when she finds a suspicious text on EJ's phone; Eric learns his job is on the line.


National Enquirer

* Kristen holds Marlena at gunpoint!
* Eric and Brady come to fierce blows.
* Rory tries to tempt a vulnerable JJ into returning to his life of drugs
* Victor makes an extremely surprising offer to Nicole.
* Gabi gets a very exciting job offer and immediately shares all the details with Nick.


Nicole and Kristen have a major showdown – which ends with both their lives hanging in the balance.
Brady has a surprising response to everything Victor has done.
As Rafe and Jordan bond further, she continues to keep mum about her mysterious calls.
Eric apologizes to Nicole – but she angrily rips into him..
Sami kicks EJ out of her bed!
Will and Sonny learn about Gabi’s job offer – but she doesn’t tell them a key piece of information.
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