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Oct 30 2013, 08:31 AM
Oct 29 2013, 11:26 PM
I thought Santeen and John being a Dimera AND a Brady went hand in hand. You can't pretend the one doesn't exist without undoing everything else. This show is so confused when it comes to John's origins. They need to come out and acknowledge or deny everything. Personally I liked him better as Forest Alamain.
Santeen didn't have to have a child, so you could easily undo John's new paternity without undoing Santeen.

Really though, AS just created her own storyline, because Hope and John never found out John wasn't a DiBrady.

Although AS is always on top of Days related things so my guess is that MarDar actually were planning to change John's paternity, possibly in preparation for EJ becoming John's child with Kristen or Hope and AS didn't realize it got scrapped. I remember a lot of us thinking at the time that John was going to be revealed to be EJ's dad, and obviously the writers weren't going to turn ejami into cousins.
you know if they had changed it so that EJ was John & (Hope or insert here)'s kid I would have preferred that to Santeen.

However why they insist on changing his paternity every other year (John's that is) I have no effing clue. Speaks to lazy writing, imho.
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