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^ My face watching DAYS

Oct 29 2013, 04:33 PM
All those scenes were pretty creepy and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't remember those two scenes in 2007, and I was still watching then! Weird. :huh1:

I would definitely have to say that one of the most creepiest scenes for me would be when we first see Marlena possessed. She is sitting in bed, looks up and her eyes are green. When I first saw that, I almost had a heart attack. It definitely scared me. :OhMy:

It starts at around 3:57.

I so agree on this...that slow closeup of her head turning towards the camera...eyes slowly opening and BOOM green eyes...I will NEVER forget that as long as I live...I was younger and had never seen something like that before on soap operas, only the movies...I was simply stunned...I knew my soap had changed and things were going to be crazy...I was HOOKED!

This was also the time that my parents both quit watching DAYS for a number of years and BANNED it in our household (Catholic family!)...my sisters friends would record it for us and we would watch it in her room late at night after everyone was sleeping...
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