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Oct 30 2013, 08:45 AM
Oct 30 2013, 08:23 AM
Did anyone get the feeling from this episode that something bad was going to happen to Allie? IDK I think the talk about her being safe and Sami saying to Brady that she's worried about it and Lucas telling EJ and Maggie the same thing...IDK..it just feels very heavy handed by the writers..and we all know how predictable Tomsell are....

I can see Allie getting hurt and both Sami and Lucas regretting that they didn't act when they could have.
Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but as of now I don't think any of the Ejami kids are safe, and I'm including Allie in that grouping for now. For one thing, while based on history I tend not to put much stock in whatever Ken Corday says, but he said Ejami were going to be like Michael and Kay of the Godfather. And what happened to them? They lost their daughter, Mary, to a mob hit gone horribly wrong. That combined with Sami and Lucas being concerned with the safety of their kids in the DiMera mansion along with Ali's tweet awhile back of filming some "challenging" stuff has me a bit worried for her kids.

I don't care what he's wearing but I want to see EJ walking down the aisle ahead of Kristen with a bunch of snapdragons teapotting the whole merry way.
The anvils have been a bit heavy-handed. So heavy handed that if in fact one of the children do get hurt, I doubt it will be Allie.
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