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Sammie Jo
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Oct 31 2013, 09:51 AM
Sammie Jo
Did you miss the part where he brought Billy back from Burma or wherever the hell the jail was, in order to save Delia?
I have seen that, but at the same time while he was bringing him back, he also told him to give the marrow and get the frack of out town immediately and stay away from his daughter (Delia) and mine (Boretoria).
:sarcasm: Now that was a good man?
Nobody is disputing that what victor did to Billy was not horrible, but to say that he didn't bring him back when Delia was dying, is a flat out lie.
Victor knew Billy wouldn't be able to stay away, he even told him so. If Victor really wanted to keep billy from Delia he would have put an armed guard outside his trailer.
Nobody is saying Victor is an angel by any stretch of the imagination, but he shouldn't be blamed for imaginary deeds.
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