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Oct 31 2013, 02:21 PM
LMAO at Faison and Dr. O! They were too funny today!
I agree, Dr.O was leading Faison around like a child.

The Cam/Emma/Spencer triangle is already more interesting than the TJ/Molly/Rafe one. :P
Poor Emma will freak out when she learns that Britt (hopefully) become his stepmother. He didn't seem to be scared of her. I guess Cameron is the smart one because he ran for his life from Emma :rockon:

Oh Elizabeth, I have moments when I really like you, but I cannot stand you when you get all bitchy about a former flame being with another woman. You didn't want Nikolas and choose AJ, REMEMBER?? Stop with the eye rolling and bitch faces about Britt and Nikolas.
:hail: :hail: :hail: Elizabeth expected Nikolas to be at home brooding and pining for her. She started to flirt with him until Britt shut her down. :cheer:
She does that to all the woman that Nik has chosen to move on with, period.

Franco and Carly, who do I have to send money to to make this end for good? :flipoff: :drunk:

You can add me to your fund. Then Carly has always been attracted to trainwrecked men.

The almost kissing scene between Nik and Britt was smoking out :wub:

The STFU award to Felix because it none of his business of how Brad treats his child. Felix has not come out to his parents, so he needs a muzzle.

Elizabeth was grating my nerves today with her attitude. She came to Wyndermere to drop breadcumbs for Nik attention, period. She chose AJ in June/July, and she showed up four months later at Nik home, was just sad. That why i will never support Niz because of Liz waffling behavior. :yuk:

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