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Oh, I'm so GLAD Cassie made it to the #1 spot of this list!!! Although I didn't think it was the scariest personally though, lol.

But this thing right here is such a total wrongness:
"Rex and Cassie were actually the biological children of Roman and Kate. There really wasn’t anyone in Salem (or any viewer) who was happy about this, lease of all Cassie and Kate who hated each other. "

This was an EXCELLENT turn of events!!! Firstly, Roman and Kate were a wonderful couple, finally someone, a real man for Kate, and a feisty vixen for Roman! Neither character had ever been more interesting and likeable than then. It was beautiful that they would have children together. And I loved Rex and Cassie, feisty and independent, just like their parents.

Besides it was total WTFuckery that they could have been Tony's and Marlena's, that' just disgusting firstly, also Marlena did NOT need any more children, also Mar was always Stefano's Queen in the Night, NOT Tony's EVER. And trying to make it so doesn't change any facts. Plus it's disgusting because Stefano had her first.

This is totally silly and something I for one will never believe, for people to say that they didn't like that storyline because it was great and the best storyline there was during that time!!! Where the writers ACTUALLY went wrong was to kill Cassie off so soon because she was a great character and I wanted her relationship with bitch-mother Kate explored. I mean just think about it Kate NEVER had a good old BITCH daughter to compete with her, Billie was always just whiny and milque-toast plus she always got along with her mother and that was not a story in itself, is it LOL. However with Cassie she could have had SUCH a great rivalry! Because they wouldn't have stood each other for one minute, just think about it, all the men and the business they could have fought over. This is all also why this Jordan (BORING) character should have been Cassie all along!
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