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The Room Stops
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Oct 31 2013, 12:32 AM
I have given New LuLu a shot,but still cannot stop to think how awesome Julie would be at these scenes.

From what I see Maxie and LuLu have done questionable things,but Maxie has a longer list of misdeeds.
To me though, and I missed a few years a couple of years back... it seems like Maxie sort of owns that shit and doesn't pretend she didn't screw up, while Lulu excuses it or pretends she didn't do anything at all.

I wouldn't wanna see Lulu's abortion thrown in her face, it should be more about intentionally sleeping with a married man, knowing the consequences it could have. And I loved Lulu and Dillon. I thought they had some chemistry (never saw much of Dillon/Georgie, sadly). Lulu's list is long too, the difference is that Maxie sort of owns it now, but believes wholeheartedly that she can be the mother little Georgie (sorry, I will never accept that baby's name to be Connie, one Connie was awful enough) deserves. She messed up, yes, and she knows that, but she was trying to give her best friend what she wanted. That doesn't make it okay, but Lulu acts like Maxie was trying to ruin their lives and in her distorted parental view, she was trying the exact opposite.

In the end, the judge should look past their past mistakes as kids and teens - and look at their lives now. It's pretty much 50/50, but Maxie IS the biological mother and she does love her child.
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