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Oct 31 2013, 04:21 AM
Sable Colby
Oct 30 2013, 11:36 PM
Oct 30 2013, 06:00 PM
I wonder if Lulu remembers that abortion she got while she's talking about people murdering babies. :)
I'm sure Maxie will put that at the top of the Lulu's list of bad deeds. And Lulu will come armed with the whole Maxie-stealing-drugs-for-addict-Lucky-trying-to-ruin-his-marriage-faking-suicide-faking-a-pregnancy/miscarriage saga. It's going to be brutal. Bru-tal.

I don't like Maxie having the miscarriage - NOT her fault - thrown in her face and nor do I think it's acceptable to throw Lulu's abortion in her face. Neither of these things make someone an unfit parent. If they want to sling mud at each other, fine, but they should restrict the mud-slinging to things that can actually be used to show someone to be an unfit parent (like being involved with known criminals etc.). A miscarriage can happen to any woman and they are often not even caused by the woman doing anything wrong and to portray it otherwise is just gross misinformation. (Then again, they have no problem allowing viewers to believe Maxie could get knocked up a hot minute after suffering a miscarriage, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.)

And even though I am Team Lante, I am a little uncomfortable with the way Lulu keeps using language that would suggest Maxie KILLED a fully formed, viable fetus rather than suffering something tragic very early on in a pregnancy that many, many women suffer. Not good. Never liked this story and I still don't. I want Britt's baby to kept the hell away from this mess. Let Britt's baby stay Britt's!
I want Nicholas to find out the truth about that baby, mull about it and then propose to adopt him as his own after Britt marries him. Evil-doers-weird-family-history-super-wonder-twins unite!
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