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Grace was Sami's as long as she was alive and when she died Sami believed she was hers. It's not less painful just because she found out later she wasn't hers. If something were to happen to Sydney, I imagine it would hurt Nicole too. It wouldn't be quite the same as losing a child because she hasn't been raising her for the last few years, but it would still be a loss. Grief isn't a competition.

But quite frankly, all of this "can only love the baby you gave birth to" stuff is just not the way things work. It's not how it works when it pertains to Sami and Grace and it's not how it works when it pertains to Nicole and Sydney. There's not a cap on love and you don't just stop loving a child just because you find out their DNA is different. That's often how it works on soaps, and IMO that is absolutely reprehensible. The only time I feel they really handled that well was with JT and Zack. Abe and Lexie mourned Zack, too, and while not often referenced at one point Bo and Hope kept up a relationship with JT. Because love for a child shouldn't just turn off and on.
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