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Oct 31 2013, 06:06 PM
Oct 31 2013, 05:29 PM
Hope, you bitch! She deliberately sent her out of town so she couldn't be at the Bristen wedding! How dare you deny Ciara of her Kristen fangirling when that was the best thing she had going for her! And hated her acting all smug and sanctimonious in front of Brady.
That's not quite true. Hope told Brady that Doug & Julie taking Ciara to NYC to see Matilda was a trip that had been planned for ages. And Brady himself said that the wedding was last-minute. Hope has NEVER been a fan of Kristen's, and it would've been stupid for her to start being pro-Bristen now. She's got every right to be afraid that her daughter is idolizing a woman that has put John & Marlena through hell, and even paid someone to attack Brady. Hope does hope, for Brady's sake, that things work out between them because she does genuinely want Brady to be happy.
It was refreshing to see another character actually not have just forgotten everything Kristen's done.

Now if only we'd see Marlena and Hope be all BFFy like we did a year ago. Hope was the only one to immediately believe Marlena back then, it'd be nice to see Hope step beside Marlena now too.
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