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Oct 31 2013, 08:00 PM
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Oct 31 2013, 11:18 AM
If Ari doesn't get an Emmy this year there is no justice in the universe.
Well, KA hasn't gotten one. Not even so much as a nomination. What does that tell you?
That Kristian doesn't submit material every year. it's hard to be nominated when you don't submit. Winning Emmys is not important to her. There are some that can't not submit material each year, because they're hungry for recognition and the perceived prestige that comes with being an Emmy winner. Sure, when she's got material she feels is worthy of submission, she submits.
Also, the award nominations have always been skewed because the networks that have more shows get more votes (or something like that). Those that vote don't necessarily vote for the person they feel had the best submission. Sometimes they may vote for someone because they like them better, or for some other reason.
At the end of the day, regardless of her lack of Emmy wins (or nominations), Kristian is highly respected in the soap community as a whole. Outside of some media people who put personal agendas in front of their jobs as reporters/interviewers/etc., no one dislikes her, and no one actively tries to avoid interviewing her. (hell, even those with personal agendas have had moments where they couldn't not admit that she did something good or looked fabulous.)
That's the same as with Deidre. I mean, I can sit here and go "WHY, oh WHY?" when I know part of the reason why. The problem is that the Emmy system is so effed up that when these people do submit things that should have them in the running for the win, politics of it have them not even make the race. DH submitted the Possession and then for the Serial Killer stuff (technically a duel role, which the Emmys seems to love in everybody else as long as you are not them), and she wasn't even nominated... and she didn't seem to be surprised either. She has come out and said, that if she doesn't feel she had extraordinary work that meant she would feel worthy standing up there, then she just doesn't bother. That you should only submit if you felt your work was extraordinary (and I agree - Tony Geary, think about it).

It's admirable for DAYS' two "divas" to actually be very un-diva like, but it would have been nice to see them at least be honored with an acknowledgement once in a while.
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