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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Nov 1 2013, 09:45 AM
Itís been my observation that DAYS does just the opposite of what the other 3 daytime soaps are doing and unfortunately it shows each and every week in the ratings.

GH is on fire and have been for while now I donít know why it took me so long to start watching itís the best daytime soap on each day I canít wait for tomorrow to come. Itís the only daytime show that I watch more then once. I guess I would have to say Iím addicted!
ITA. I'll say that GH feels very much the way Days use to feel under Reilly....I know he gets criticism from many but I still think his type of writing on both instances (and I know his first run was way better then his second) is what makes a 'soap' feel like a 'soap'. Look at yesterday's show.....I think Days tried 2 years ago to actually do something similar to what GH did yesterday..but unfortunately it didn't even have that same effect. Having holidays commemorated on soaps is suppose to be fun, but a soap is still a soap, so it's just not about everyone being in costume like it was on Days under MarDar a few years back... it's about the suspense and the mystery that has one person who the town folk believe is dead show up in a disguise at a halloween party....that is what a soap is all about. It's the anticipation of watching tomorrow that I just don't get from Days now. I just can't freaking wait until today to see what exactly Robin does.....does Patrick look at her eyes and recognize her? How does she react to seeing her daughter? I love Britt and Nikolas and I love it that Liz appears to be jealous of their budding relationship....I loved all the kids and the adults in costume...loved Duke walking into the mansion.....will he find Cesar? It's seriously an all around good show and I just know that today we will end with yet another brilliantly orchestrated cliffhanger Friday.....I can't wait.
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