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I don't think it's a problem for a character to be created to be someone's future love interest (as long as the show is willing to go in a different direction if it doesn't work, or they come up with a better idea), but the problem with Rafe is that up until recently, he didn't develop any solid bonds with anyone outside of his love story. His love story was tied to his feud and since the love story is over for the time being, there's really no good reason for the feud to continue to be an important part of his life. He did have a job, which is good, but he and they were just there, for the most part. He could have clashed with his coworkers over how to handle cases. He was working for his girlfriend's dad, whom she idolized. That could have created tension at work and been a non-EJ-based source of tension at home and let us get to know more about Rafe. We could have seen him going out for drinks after work with other coworkers, having cookouts with them etc. Instead though, nearly everything Rafe did was about Sami. He loved Sami. His coworkers liked him because they were Sami's relatives and he was good to Sami. EJ hated Rafe because he had Sami. etc. Then he got a bunch of relatives who were in that part of Salem because Rafe was there, because that's where Sami lived.

Meridith existed, but she wasn't around long enough to matter.

And a lot of this also applies to Daniel. He had more connections early on, but the people he was connected with kept being written out of the show and Days didn't do much to deepen and strengthen his other connections. For example, he and Brady became friends within the first year that they both came to town, but Days wouldn't do anything with that, besides show them running in the park on occasion. It's only within the last several months that that they've started talking to each other and confiding in each other regularly.
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