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I agree re: the comments re: Elizabeth but as her fan it would be for different reasons I don't want her in yet another triangle especially anything involving Nikolas she's been in about three or four of them with this character and "years" of triangles since 2002 that's all they write for her and she's never writen to win.

As for Brit its not like Liz doesn't have a very good reason Britt is a scheming manipulator who plotted and set up Patrick Drake and had sex with him for her mommy so she is certainly no innocent. Actually I wanted Liz and Brit to be friends but they put Liz in the Sabrina adoration camp. I thought it would be a very good story for "her" her loyalties would be divided especially with Robin's return. I knew it would be hard pressed to get a woman (vet) driving her own storyliine without it all being about a man.

What bothers me most is they refuse to let Elizabeth maintain "character growth" she still shouldn't be behaving the " the same way" as she did in 2002 with all her experiences. She's a grown ass woman now who has been married multiple times why she's written like some teeneybopper re: Nikolas who she has always been the best of friends with since they were teens is beyond me but she has always been protective of him so I'm glad they have returned her to that.

And yes I adore her bitch face and look forward to it.

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