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The difference is that we watched most of these other people grow up and if we didn't, they have plenty of ready-made solid bonds because they're related to people we've watched for years. Sami, for example and Brady and most of the others have also benefited from being given the very kind of stories and scenes that I was talking about, back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, when the show did that kind of thing. A character like Sami who has solid ties to the canvas and a solid history that we saw unfold can withstand years of isolation much more easily than a nobody who just shows up in Salem one day. And obviously as I just said, I don't agree that Rafe has formed a solid connection with anyone outside of Sami.

As I mentioned in a post about Theresa's OD, I couldn't care less about her, but because I care about characters who should care about her, the groundwork has already been laid that would make it easier to get invested in her crisis than Bev's crisis, for example.
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