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I don't get this 'Rafe is rudderless' comment. The guy has an interesting story going on. And it takes awhile to work a character on canvas. Time has to be given to establish relationships and before they can just bop all around town being confidants with everyone. I also don't want them tied to a family as Daniel was with the convoluted egg baby story just to make them 'an essential part of Salem'.
The Rafe is rudderless comment has to do with the fact that he's scarcely been on screen for the past 6 months. That alone tells me that they don't seem to know what to do with him. Even once they decided to bring him out of coma, he's still been backburnered (I'm not complaining, just noticing, LOL). And I think the fact that Rafe basically spent 4+ years in just Sami-driven stories created this issue. Madison had the same exact issue in regards to Brady. And they now seem to be recreating the same issue with Jordan. It's definitely a pattern in terms of how Days introduces new characters, specifically those that don't have familial ties into Salem. That's why Matt's comment above about Liam is spot on. They need to bring him into a story that features lots of characters, not just as a love interest, if they want to make him an essential character.
My comment too was that it would be cool if Liam somehow plays into Jordan's past and pulls Hope and Rafe into the mix. Complicated complex stories are always a win for viewers. No objections there at all.

ETA: Anyway, my intent is not to highjack the thread with a discussion about Rafe. My point was that they need to better integrate Jordan and Liam as more than just love interests to specific characters. They seem to struggle with that IMO and I think Rafe is proof of that.

The fact Rafe hasn't been on as frequently could very well be intentional and not just a 'we don't know what to do with him' approach. Rafe had to be sexually involved with Kate to spur on Stefano and then they had to set up the coma in order to have the big trial for Sami to draw viewers in and it hinged on Rafe being unconscious. His lack of airtime was directly linked to this big story playing out. Chrishell was hired in late February which means they've had this PT route planned out from the get go. I think the limited start to the Rafe/Jordan story is nothing more than the sudden need to wrap stories for the exiting actors and the fact that they want to do an old school slow build for the characters. I don't think Rafe spending time in story with Sami has created any issue here.

But these are all story choices the writers made and their choices led to Rafe not being on the air. He could've been beaten later so he wasn't in a coma for so long. He definitely could've been brought out of the coma earlier. And he could've been featured much more prominently for the last few months once he came out of the coma. Again, I'm not complaining about any of this, LOL, but just pointing out an issue that seems to be consistent whenever TPTB lately create a new character as a love interest who doesn't have familial ties. The person often gets siloed in stories with their love interest and then when the romance is over, they are not integrated as an essential character. The fact that Rafe, who was on non-stop when with Sami, is all of sudden barely on would indicate that they didn't know what to do with him post-Sami. And that seems to be a common issue for new characters who lack family ties. That is, they give them one major anchor and if that major anchor goes away, their lack of integration becomes apparent.

ETA: My intent is not to hijack the thread with a discussion about Rafe. My point is that they need to do a better job of integrating new characters like Jordan and Liam who don't have family ties beyond just their love interest. To me, Rafe is a good example of what happens when they don't.
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