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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I love Nik and Britt and I don't want triangle....I want him to fall hard for her and it seems he is and equally falling for him too...it's going to be crazy when he finds out that she knows that the baby is his sister's but isn't telling...that alone is great angst..I don't need Liz around this in any way, shape or form...and I am beginning to not like Liz at all....at this stage of the game I wouldn't be so sorry if she's written out.....and I like RH so much, but I don't like her with any of her men...something about her IDK.....I sort of liked her with AJ, but I prefer him with Carly....anyway....I need her to either come around to Aj when he gets out...or leave Port Charles.

Dr. O and Faison were hilarious...and I love the anticipation of finding out what exactly will happen when the people at the party realize who that one in the masquerade is....GH is kicking serious ass now...hopefully they will have a great November sweeps....when Robin finally takes off the mask and reveals herself to Patrick, Emma and everyone else in attendance....hope she does it....
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