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Nov 1 2013, 06:23 PM
Nov 1 2013, 11:49 AM
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Oct 31 2013, 06:36 PM
Because of all the gossip at the hospital about Theresa. Everyone (especially Anne) is spreading gossip about Dr Dan supplying Theresa with drugs and/or having an affair with Theresa.
He CHOSE to cover for JJ because he wanted to play hero so if I'm supposed to sympathize with guy it ain't happening. It would be different if JJ blackmailed him into covering for his ass but that's not what happened. And that still doesn't make him an outcast. The whole town, minus Anne, still worships the guy. Anne hit the nail on the head yesterday when she called him out for creating his own problems and then trying to play the victim. He is not the victim here. The only victim in this story is Jennifer but I don't feel sorry for her either.
Jen-Jen always feels sorry enough for herself that I never feel the need to join her pity party. Like Daniel, she gets off on playing the victim. Never mind that she and Dr. Douche aren't currently together, never mind that she really has no evidence to support the gossip that he and Theresa are any kind of item or that anything happened other than what he said about Theresa OD'ing and him going over to help, never mind that she fell for this same crap with Chloe and wound up with egg on her face, and never mind that the young woman she's decided is her rival almost died, it's all about poor, poor Jennifer and her broken heart. :rolleyes: A heart that showed virtually no sign of breakage when her husband fell to his death right in front of her, but which is constantly bleeding, aching, and throbbing over anything even peripherally related to Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. :flipoff:
Yes I agree. So sick of Jennifer making this all about her.
I wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out her bestie is a rapist?
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