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Nov 1 2013, 09:13 PM
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Oct 31 2013, 02:11 PM
I do think Liam is for Hope......
Liam is for Sonny. Just wait......
Why would Liam be for Sonny. As far as we know, WilSon are still together.
They are going to need something/someone to come between them. Plus, the show needs to be prepared in case the new Will and old Jackson fizzle chemistry-wise. I think it's very rare that a recast of half a supercouple generate the same level of excitement.

The best example of this was the Bo-Hope-Billie triangle from decades ago. RKK, for all his faults, had amazing chemistry with Lisa Rinna. When PR came back, there was (and is to this day) nada. PR and LR could be siblings for all the chemistry between them.

Every couple needs interlopers. Gabriella and her spawn have been the initial barrier, focusing on Will. A mature successful older man who pursues the young Kiriakis would be a major threat to Will, who is in his first serious relationship and likely feels he could not compete with against a successful worldly businessman. Jackson is in his mid-twenties and I could see how he could fall for a gay guy who has his act together.

I never watched ATWT, but I recall that the groundbreaking storyline sizzled once Luke ditched Noah and swooned for the gay doctor, someone who you could actually believe wanted to get naked for hours with Luke.
i don't think every couple needs to have interlopers. Tom & Alice didn't have interlopers in the 80s. Alice's love for getting in the middle of Bope's adventure plots doesn't count. You can create a lot of relevant couple drama without the need to have a third person. Someone loses their job, someone's being accused of something, someone's hiding something from the other to protect a third person, etc. Bo & Hope had their fair share of stories between 2007 & 2009, none of which required an interloper. There was no Billie, no Carly, no Patrick, no Larry, no Megan.
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