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Nov 1 2013, 08:46 PM
Nov 1 2013, 02:10 PM
I agree that the show needs a bang...it needs another serial killer storyline of sorts, one that will truly trim the shit from this show.

If the show wants better ratings, they need better writers and an absolutely headline grabbing storyline to start off with.
This isn't really related to ratings, but for me one of the biggest differences between GH and Days is there is more action on GH which leads to more of an energized feel to the show. Right now there are some awesomely hilarious old-school villains stirring up shit in Port Charles and beyond with one of the show's most endearing characters just days away from coming back from the dead. And Frank and Ron are better at spreading out the action year-round and not just for sweeps, IMO.
Totally agree about GH being more filled with action. Days is basically all about characters standing around and talking. Even when they do events every now and then, the events seem so flat compared to GH. I'm not sure if it's a budget issue but Days pales in comparison to GH. I wish the honchos at Days would watch some episodes of GH. I think they'd feel pretty embarrassed if they saw how much better GH is. Also GH knows how to incorporate almost their entire cast into umbrella stories and then branch smaller stories off that. Days only includes the same characters in stories every single day while the rest just make guest appearances. And those stories drag out for months with nothing happening. You miss a month and you've missed nothing. Also Days shows no connections between characters. Sonny, Will, Chad, Abby, etc are all supposed to be friends yet we've only see that play out maybe a couple times over the past several months. Going further, Days shows absolutely no romance. The only couple that gets anything is Sami and EJ. Really Days only has two couples together and that's Sami/EJ and Will/Sonny (and god forbid they get anything more than a smooch on the lips). I get it's a soap but when there is no romance, no action and no moving stories that doesn't equate to intriguing tv...at least not for me. I watch out of habit but if I miss a day I don't really care, where as with GH I would hate to miss a show right now. Days has some great actors but that can't make up for lackluster writing.
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