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I don't remember Sami ever calling Alice Grandma. Anyway, it wasn't just that belle called Caroline and Shawn her grandparents, they treated her like their granddaughter. They took care of her ALL the time! And shawnD was around all the time with them. Caroline probably had a good legal case for custody if she had wanted to do that ;)

Then when they decided they just HAD to pair the children of Bope and J&M, even though Shawn D was a lot older, they desorased Shawn and made up some fake history where they told us those two shared a playpen. :rolleyes:
Sorry, I still don't see the big deal. I'm okay with the children of people who are "like family" dating. I'm just not okay with actual family members dating.

Also, it would bother me if the sorasing erased a part of Shawn or Belle's history, but it didn't so I'm fine with that, too.
GMAB. They are not "like family". The writers simply decided to pretend they weren't when they wanted to pair them. Shawn didn't call Marlena Aunt because his parents were close to Marlena. She was literally his aunt. Divorce doesn't stop aunt from being aunt. Shawn and Belle are a great example of two characters who never should have been paired based on history and story, but actor chemistry and producer demands made it happen anyway.
I disagree. Actor chemistry had nothing to do with it. :D
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