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Essentially, they fucked SSH over HARD age-wise in the 1970s. They SORASed her son David (who was born on the show in 1967) to an adult in 1975 played by 25 year old Richard Guthrie. SSH was only 32 at the time. Hope was born on the show in December 1974. David became a father when Scotty was born in September 1977 (meaning SSH was playing a grandmother when she was 35). Hope was first SORASed into a teen in 1981 when Tammy Taylor was cast in the role. Taylor didn't last very long in the role & was sent away to school until 19 year old Kristian Alfonso took over the role in April 1983. Scotty Banning was SORASed into an adult when 24 year old Rick Hearst premiered in the role in June 1989 (he lasted just under a year). 46 year old SSH was playing the grandmother of a character played by a 24 year old actor. To put that in perspective. That would be like Kristian Alfonso playing Casey Deidrick's grandmother.

Rick Hearst is actually 2 years younger than Kristian Alfonso. Both Hearst & Alfonso were born BEFORE the character of David Banning was born on screen.
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