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Nov 1 2013, 11:28 PM
catching up on some scenes from today's show... why is everyone acting like Theresa is some random stranger that taniel just happened to save??... she's kim and shanes daughter everyone knows who they are, shes practically related to almost everyone in salem :fp2:
This. What I wouldn't have given for some line from Victor about Theresa. There is so much history between him and her parents; it would have been gold.

And why hasn't anyone reacted to Jennifer's pearl-clutching with, "Gee, isn't she Kim and Shane's daughter? I can't believe she's that bad." From the way Jennifer talks about her, you would think Theresa is an axe murderer. Meanwhile, Jennifer is besties with Kristen-freaking-DiMera.

Speaking of which, what did Theresa really do to earn Jennifer's hate so much? So she was a bad worker, snarked at Jen, and committed the horrible crime of telling Jennifer that she isn't mother of the year. But all of this "oh, Theresa has made my life a living hell" is so OTT. It really is like junior high mean-girl drama, but I'm losing track of who I am supposed to believe are the mean girls.

And ITA about Jennifer refusing to go to the wedding because Daniel might be there. Since I was thinking about Shane and Kim, it reminded me how they broke up just before being asked to be best man and maid of honor at RoJohn and Marlena's wedding. They kept their break-up secret so they wouldn't affect the bride's and groom's happiness. That's how adults act.
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