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Oct 30 2013, 02:22 PM
Abby was more interesting when she wanted Austin.

While I never understood why Abigail wanted Austin, I agree that she was so much more interesting when she was flawed, fallible, and making mistakes like the rest of the human race. This self-righteous, judgmental, holier-than-thou, stringing-along-two-guys-at-a-time-like-her-idiot-mom version of Abigail can go and find another elevator shaft to fall down, for all I care. The little bit of Jack she had in her--the journalistic aspirations--has been stamped out to make the character into a mini-Jen-Jen. Only she's got all of her mother's faults and practically none of her virtues (diminished as they've been over the last few years!). And while JJ is more interesting than his sister in that he gets to have flaws, I'm a bit disappointed that both Deveraux children are so dull compared to their parents. Young Jennifer had big goals and dreams, while Jack, before and after his redemption, was ambitious and driven. That gave them more than one layer to play, which can't be said of either of their offspring.
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